Owners ignored bullied and threatened by TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor threatens and bullies owners


More and more hotels, B&B’s, restaurants and other establishments want to be removed from TripAdvisor. EVERY person in the tourism industry knows they can and will never be able to please and satisfy everyone, no matter how hard they try. No one who works hard to please others are going to be happy with a negative review, but everyone knows sooner or later you will get one, and you will just have to deal with it.

Dealing with a bad review is not pleasant, but when you know a review is purely libelous and a lie, it is unbearable. And when a website like TripAdvisor that makes a lot of money off establishment owners, refuses to even listen to you, things suddenly become a lot worse.

As mentioned above, you would expect a little  ( actually you would expect a lot of )  help from the company that makes money off your back. … FORGET IT!!.. They offer NOTHING, ZERO, ZILCH, NIKS, NIENTE !!.. actually they do the opposite, they bully and threaten you!

First, let us show you just how little TripAdvisor does to help someone that want to have a PROVEN libelous review removed.

Here are some REAL owners looking to get some help / advice from TripAdvisor.. Remember, in a lot of cases libelous reviews can destroy a persons livelihood.

These posts were all posted in the TripAdvisor’s “Business Forum”


  •  “ Deleting Obsolete Reviews ”

    Aug 10, 2011, 7:33 AM

    Please help. after 3 months of trying to get reviews from a previous owner removed i finally received an email from Tripadvisor last tuesday 2nd august saying that in 2 or 3 days this would happen. It has now been 6 working days and nothing has changed and there are still reviews belonging to the 2 previous owners. I am exhausted by having to keep asking the same question but will again. WHY is Tripsdvisor ignoring me?


  • “ Inappropriate Review – needs to be removed ”

    Aug 08, 2011, 3:12 PM

    For 4 months I have sent Tripadvisor at least 15 emails from my TA business account, they have never bothered to contact me.  How do I contact someone within Trip Advisor to have a very inappropriate review removed. I need to get it removed quickly, it is harmful to my family business. 


  • “ Why TripAdvisor – WHY? ”

    Aug 07, 2011, 7:32 PM

    At least 7 months ago  I disputed a review by posting a management response, the response got posted after 11 days, but got removed just 2 days later. I sent another 3 messages over a 4 week period, I did eventually receive a response telling me my management response did not meet their criteria.. but you did not tell me why? My response was very polite and friendly. I posted another polite management response, and again it got  posted, but removed again after 2 days. I am sick and tired trying to resolve this issue. This very demeaning and personal review has now been online for 7 months, I have done my best to resolve this issue, but this is impossible if you are too arrogant and rude to even reply to my 20+ messages. WHY Tripadvisor can you not just reply to my problem, I never asked to have my restaurant put on your site, actually I would rather it wasn’t. It’s disgusting that you have ignored me now for 7 months while my business and myself suffers. WHY?


  •   “ Negative review posted about my sexual preference (gay) this is against Tripadvisors Terms ”

    Aug 07, 2011, 11:03 PM

    Can someone please advice me how to get some form of response from tripadvisor?  2 months I have tried contacting them through my account, their website, and even through twitter, they are just ignoring me. A couple posted a negative review about our B&B based on the fact that it is run by “Gays”.  This is a disgrace and against Tripadvisors T&C.  We have been trying to contact Tripadvisor to remove this review, but they never reply to us. Can anyone give me a phone number I can call and speak to someone at tripadvisor? We have tried twice to post a management’s response, but twice now it got declined, we did get a message telling us it was declined because it did not meet their terms, however they did not tell us why it did not meet their terms. It took tripadvisor just 2 days to approve and post this review, but it is taking us months to even get a reply.  Any advice on how to get a response would be appreciated. 


 We could easily post another 20 similar complaints  all posted this week. So as you can see, TripAdvisor is VERY quick to approve and post negative, and libelous reviews, actually the average time between posting a negative review and having it approved and posted is 3 days and 8 days for a positive review to get approved and posted.. but that’s another story..


Tripadvisor only allows a Max 200 characters to dispute a LIE


Not only do TripAdvisor ignore owners that have any questions or comments, they also make almost impossible to dispute a review. To dispute a libelous review that can contain unlimited characters, the owner can only dispute it with  200 characters!!.. No, we did not make a typo and forget a few zero’s… MAX 200 Characters to dispute a libelous review. This is just not fair, and in 99.99% is impossible to do.  And now comes the great part.. another true dispute

  • “ TA Please Remove this libelous trash review ”

    Jun 03, 2011, 2:13 PM

    On July 25th someone posted a review about our B&B that is obvious a lie, and clear that these persons never stayed at our B&B.

  •  [ LIE ] They complain about noisy trains coming past our B&B every 10 minutes. [TRUTH] we are more than 40 minutes drive from the nearest railway line ( not station, … RAILWAY LINE ) yes we can prove this.

  • [ LIE ] We spent 30 minutes cleaning a filthy rim around the bath tub!!  [ TRUTH ] We have 6 room ALL with JUST Shower, we do not have any rooms with bath tubs… Yes we can prove this.

  • [ LIE ] The radiator was peeling paint, rusty,  leaking and made noises through the night.  [ Truth ] We do not have, and never have had radiators in any of the rooms.  Yes we can prove it.

WOW, well surely this is a clear case of someone that has obviously posted a review that is fake..
Correct, this review is a targeted FAKE… HOWEVER  Tripadvisor refused to remove this review on the following grounds ” We have checked the review in question and it is within our guidelines and will not be removed. Please read our.. bla..bla..bla 

So, it’s not about what is said, lies or not, all TripAdvisor is concerned with is if the Review falls within the Guidelines..

And, when it comes to Guidelines, again  owners are treated like shit!. The reviewer can write (almost anything ) even names are openly mentioned in reviews, along with personal details.. However TripAdvisor makes it extremely difficult to post a TRUTHFUL  Management Response. If the MR ( Management Response) is not kiss ass response , then it will not get posted. You cannot dispute any of the lies posted by the reviewer, you cannot mention any names ( unlike the reviewer)  

@StephenKaufer recently said during an interview that he was surprised that so many owners did not make use of the “Management Response”,…  he obviously has not got a clue that it is a complete waste of time.. 

When an owner responds to someone that has just posted lies and libelous reviews about them and or their establishment, they want to respond by telling their side of the story, NOT by kissing ass and saying amen!!


For the lucky few owners who have not yet experienced the lies and negative review campaigns against their establishment, TripAdvisor will find and threaten them, with an arrogant email and by removing a handful of positive reviews.. 

The BIG problem TripAdvisor has, is they REALLY think they are Gods Gift to the Travel Industry.. what they don’t realize is, that at least 75% of ALL establishments listed on TripAdvisor would prefer to be removed for good.
TripAdvisor is a joke, no one takes them serious, and their time is coming very quick..

So, out of the blue an owner gets this threatening email from TripAdvisor.. 

Sent: 11 May 2011 14:49
To: ******@**********.co.nz
Subject: Official Notification from TripAdvisor

To Whom It May Concern at **********,

Evidence has come to our attention which establishes that you and / or others in your organization have submitted material with intent to manipulate your listing and position on TripAdvisor by submitting positive reviews of your own property.  This is strictly against TripAdvisor policy and in some cases is also a violation of federal law.

This is an official notification that your property is now being actively
monitored by TripAdvisor for suspicious activity on our website.  If these
attempts continue, TripAdvisor may take one or more of the following actions
on your property listing:

–  Drop it by several pages in the TripAdvisor popularity index
–  Post a large red penalty notice, explaining that the reviews are
–  Exclude it from TripAdvisor’s Travelers Choice awards, Top 10 lists,
press releases, etc.

We understand that you may have a few questions after receiving this notice,
such as:

“I don’t know why I received this letter. We haven’t submitted reviews for
our own property or others.”

We suggest familiarizing yourself with our review moderation and fraud
detection policies. Then, speak with your staff, as well as third-party
vendors (webmaster, marketing companies, etc.) and remind them of these
policies.  Subversive activity on TripAdvisor can result in long-lasting
penalties for your business.

“What action should I take to rectify this situation?”

Please contact us with information about violations you or your staff may
have made on TripAdvisor.  TripAdvisor’s privacy policy prohibits us from
sharing the details of our findings, so we will not be able to furnish you
with any information regarding the nature of the violation we’ve detected.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

The TripAdvisor Support Team, Content Integrity

So, what this threat is saying, is that the same “Bafoons” that have so far approved and posted almost 600 FAKE reviews since May 2011, have got evidence that “you or someone”  has posted a good review about your establishment… WTF!.. suddenly after sometime YEARS, and after a review has gone through TripAdvisor’s strenuous validation system, and has been approved and posted, they find some bullshit evidence that you or someone else has posted a  fake that benefits your property, and it is removed and an arrogant threatening email is sent to you.. 

Why is it that when an owner supplies TripAdvisor with GENUINE and HARD evidence that a review is FAKE and LIBELOUS, they just back on their fat ass-holes and completely ignore the situation?
Now all of a sudden an owner that in some cases has never heard of TripAdvisor, and doesn’t even know they are listed on the site gets this arrogant threatening email. Warning them that there are severe consequences!.. Why don’t they threaten to REMOVE an establishment completely?.. The reason is simple, EVERY right minded owner will start posting fake reviews about themselves, just to get removed.

Anyway, now the owner is in complete shock, and angry, ‘cos they have not got a clue why they received  this arrogant threat.. So of course like ANYONE they reply to TripAdvisor asking the ACCUSER to please share the evidence they have, because they have not got a clue what TripAdvisor is talking about, and they have NEVER reviewed themselves, and have ABSOLUTELY ZERO control over others that post a positive review.. 

The standard WEAK and FEEBLE reply is :

TripAdvisor’s privacy policy prohibits us from
sharing the details of our findings, so we will not be able to furnish you
with any information regarding the nature of the violation we’ve detected.

WHAT??.. do us all a favor, and keep your threats to yourself if you are not going to do the right thing and supply the so called evidence


The bottom line is, if TripAdvisor are so arrogant and pathetic and claim to have EVIDENCE then they should either supply the evidence so the owner can respond to the matter, or just keep their gob shut!! and stop threatening property owners!!!


You are arrogant, stuck up and pathetic, strutting around with your head stuck up your own ass.

Go ahead, continue to ignore, bully and threaten the very people that un-willingly make you money. 


Just remember this…

One day you are the cock of the walk. Next, a feather duster





.:: This article was written by us, and we know it’s true please re-post anywhere and everywhere ::.



The content of this article was provided by various sources (emails, messages, etc..) and is for educational purpose & security awareness only. If any law enforcement agency or press related agencies need more Information, please feel free to Contact us.


TripAdvisor Warning

TripAdvisor Warning

We are a small group of 9 people that are tired of the way TripAdvisor chooses to conduct their business, mainly because of the total lack of consideration towards “owners” in the hospitality world. We are based in the USA, Europe and New Zealand.
TripAdvisor Warning
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    I got email today telling me how great my post had done or something. Anyway, I had forgot about it; but, have told several friends about going to TripAdvisor for Pagosa Spirngs to find the info. They always say they can’t find it, I looked today and the problem is the review is under “Tours” and not under “Attractions” where everyone is looking. Makes no difference to me; but, if you want more people to find it, it should be moved to the correct area of “Attractions” where all the rest of things to do are located.

  2. I want my business removed from Trip Advisor because of their horrible treatment of me as a business account, but there seems to be no way to do it.
    They are awful to deal with. They have no way to contact them one on one about a problem, so I just want off.
    My review of trip advisor is a big fat ZERO!

  3. Concerned hotelier says:

    It began yesterday. For the last 24 hrs 6 reviews just gone. Tried to call and after a short conversation got a promise to call back in 10 min.
    Last hour spend calling and listening to music for 5 to 15 min???? and they call it customer support?
    They need you only when they want to sell you their business listing and this ends with that.

  4. Any course offered by Kerala Ayurvedic Center, Kunnapuzha RD, Thirumala, Trivandrum, Kerala is a joke.

    They claim to get participants from all over the world but what they do not tell you is how unhappy the participants leave. Neither the Doctors nor the massage therapists can speak English. Learning is a two way road and when there is a huge language barrier its interrupted in both directions. Some of the course participants also are not fluent in English and they have even more tough time understanding the lecture which is given in words and broken sentences in English.

    They do not maintain a proper daily schedule. One feels like their precious time that they have taken out of their schedule and travelled all the way to learn something has just gone down the drain, not to mention the money as well.

    The premises are very dirty. The accommodation is provided in two houses adjacent to the office building which is convenient as their is no transport hassle to deal with but the rooms are cockroach and rat infested. At first look the rooms look clean although a little overpriced for home accommodation with bare minimum facilities.
    Same about their food, overpriced for the quality and also quantity. For foreign nationals 10 USD per day for 3 meals may sound cheap but its way overpriced for the food served there. Don’t even think that you will be served Ayurvedic food. If you turn up 10 minutes late for your meal there may be nothing left for you . So little is put on the table and the Managing director will bluntly tell you that you should have arrived for eg: 7:00 PM for dinner as he informed you that the dinner time is 7:00 PM. Now, I’m not saying that there should be food on the table hours later but just 10 minutes past the dinner time. Well, if so he should post it on their website. He will also tell you that the food is so tasty that everyone else at the table just ate too much. You will very soon learn that people start to cancel all their meals. Only saving grace is that your money will be refunded if you cancel meals with prior notice. They don’t serve enough, all the food is brought together and housekeeping staff watch as you eat and constantly check the dishes to see how much is left. They only bring very little curry a second time. This is so pathetic. Probably people in jails eat better. Everyones food should be kept separate and aside so that if someone really over eats another person doesn’t have to starve. Moreover the Managing director Vijay Kumar doesn’t even have the courtesy to ask what he can do in a situation where someone didn’t have anything left to eat.
    This is a holistic center but don’t expect to feel even an ounce of spirituality here. The managing director Vijay Kumar can be aptly described as a mannerless brute. He told one of the participants to leave his office when she went their to tell him about the food situation. He apparently said that he has no time to listen to her. He will also tell you that you can leave if you don’t like their rules which are not rules but harassment after taking your money, making you take time off from your work and travel overseas to come to his dirty place. He should post his conditions on his website so that people are not tricked into coming there and later feel trapped.
    Don’t even assume that there is an actual consultation area for patients. Its in a corner in the reception area. The library is another big joke. By library he means few old and smelly books stoved away in a rusty cabinet in the consultation / reception / admnistrative office area.

    Because of their Search engine optimization technique ( they also run a SEO company) their website pops up first in the web search for Ayurveda courses. Not many centers have good websites or use SEO technique in India a

  5. Please add this business to your listings so that course participants can express their opinion also it will be helpful for others not to go through the hardship and harassment. The management of the business has ignored everyones complaint and I have noted some newgative reviews posted by others on various travel forums. I wish I had seen them before going there. It was a horrible experience at Kerala Ayurvedic health care center, Kunnapuzha rd, Thirumala, Trivandrum in kerala.

  6. Can someone please tell me if it is “legal” for Trip Advisor to ignore your request to remove my business listing? I was the person who put it on there but from what I am reading they don’t have to remove your listing even if you want it off their website?

    We are just getting way too many false reviews…some with racial comments etc…I spent months trying to contact Trip Advisor but they NEVER respond! I am way too busy to be spending anymore time on this.

    As business owners there must be something we can do? Do I have any options as a business owner to force them to remove my listing?

    If not…is there some kind of website {like this one} where business owners who have had enough of Trip Advisor can join together and put enough pressure on Trip Advisor to listen to us as business owners and give us the right to remove our own businesses from this site!

  7. rental seychelles says:

    Letter writen to trip advisor since they blocked my account without any warning or info


    I wish to know why has my account been suspended from your website. I have been unbiased giving exact advice to your members and genuine correct information which even your destination expert has not been able to do.

    I am a respectable Seychelles citizen and work in the tourism industry, so have indepth knowledge about queries in this field-. As per your posting guidelines I have been writing replies with my website as signature. This is clearly allowed in your posting guideline, other than this I have not tried in any way solicit clients and direct them in any one particular way. If you had an issue with something I have done it would have been very much appreciated if you had contacted me and sorted it out. Your banning me shows wrong bias and influence.

    It is very disappointing to get this kind of treatment form such a well established and well known website like yours. The destination expert you have on the site for Seychelles clearly is very biased in his posts and always recommending only certain things which purely satisfy some purpose.

    Has tripadvisor become a portrait on one man’s EGO only. How sad that your readers trust your site and are getting mislead.

    I hope you will rectify this asap

    RENTAL seychelles

  8. Hi ,

    Is there someone who can explain me how is it possible to lose 9 position with an average rate of 95,3 and 39 reviews in a week last week ? And still have the same position with an average rate of 97,9 and 43 reviews this week ? this completly crazy .
    Mr Tripadvisor can you give me a quick answer please ?

  9. I woke up in a foul mood this morning. And nothing tripavisor can say or do to change my mind about they’re website. I think it should be shut down.

  10. Stewart Paton says:

    The trouble is that nobody seems to take action against Tripadvisor/Holiday Lettings. However I can assure you that given the issues that i have had with these companies, as a media owner and as a private individual, I will be taking firm legal action and using whatever press/media I can.

  11. I have posted an article on my blog which you may re-publish: Trip advisor is playing with the rankings of my restaurant and is causing the business serious hardships. Full details in my article : http://www.savouryandsweet.com/trip-advisors-unethical-business-practices/

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