Fake Review versus Management Response

TripAdvisor claims to get 21 reviews a minute.. that’s a staggering 1260 and hour or 30,240 a day, 211,680 a week, or if you really believe them 937,440 a month.

As we quoted from our “Happy Smartie Poppin” Kevin Carter in our previous post “The Truth about TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor employs the following methods as part of its ongoing efforts to ensure review legitimacy: Reviews are screened by our proprietary site tools that are continuously upgraded, our team of content integrity specialists investigate suspicious reviews.

Now, anyone with any form of education, will start smelling a rat here.. Now let’s forget about weeding out Fake Reviews for just a minute, ‘cos we all know TripAdvisor has not got a clue how to.. What TripAdvisor is telling us, is that they filter +30,000 reviews a day??!!!.. hahaha, these buffoons are a laugh a minute!

Last week we had a review posted within 2 hours, one of the latest fakes we posted was live within 6 hours, Last week The Daily Mail posted a fake review on TripAdvisor that got posted after just hours.

So, we KNOW TripAdvisor is lieing, but are they lieing about the amount of reviews received, or the fact that they claim to filter all reviews.. or maybe both?


 TripAdvisor Fake Review and management response


So, if you believe TripAdvisor, they screen +30,000 reviews a day, and still mange to post reviews within HOURS of submitting.. Yeahhhhhh right!


But WAIT..

The good news is, that if Tripadvisor can screen +30,000 reviews a day, and it only take a few hours to approve and post them, then surely Management Responses that are more than often used to respond to lies and negative reviews will also be posted at extreme speeds.. Let us do the math..

Recently in an interview the extremely obnoxious Stephen Kaufer quoted

In the past 12 months, 7% of negative reviews have received management responses – nearly doubling from 4% in 2009. Conversely, for the same time period, 5% of positive reviews have received management responses.

So, lets take the average of 6%, (although we strongly believe that the doubling from 4 to 7% might be our friends that have hijacked more than 1000 TripAdvisor Business listings )

So, 6% of 30,000 reviews is just a mere 1800 Management Responses per day..

So surely this means a Management Response must get posted minutes after it has been submitted?.. ‘cos let’s be honest someones reputation and livelihood is on the block here..


Our friends that have hijacked more than a 1000 Business Listings, have posted numerous fake Management Responses, and the AVERAGE time to get a management response posted is 5 days!!.. 3 days has been the shortest, and 17 days the longest.

And for anyone interested, +90% of Fake Reviews get posted, and a whopping 45% of all Management Responses get refused. ( This article is coming soon with exact details and screenshots )

So, ask yourself, why can and does TripAdvisor approve and post reviews within hours, but a management response takes more than a week, or more than 10 days as seen on the screenshot taken from “Managers / Owners ” private forum.

TripAsdvisor are LIARS, and treat Owners like shit..



The content of this article was provided by various sources (emails, messages, etc..) and is for educational purpose & security awareness only. If any law enforcement agency or press related agencies need more Information, please feel free to Contact us.


TripAdvisor Warning

TripAdvisor Warning

We are a small group of 9 people that are tired of the way TripAdvisor chooses to conduct their business, mainly because of the total lack of consideration towards “owners” in the hospitality world. We are based in the USA, Europe and New Zealand.
TripAdvisor Warning
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  1. I was surprized to see that my managament responce was posted in less than 24 hours. I was also shocked that TA did not change what I wrote. I am glad they didn’t censor it. In it I request they use facebook profiles in order to do reviews. fair is fair, we as businesses are unwillingly exposed so the reviewers should be too.

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