Fight Fire with Fire

TripAdvisor has been posting lies and libelous damaging reviews for years. They also don't have any issues at all approving and posting personal and sexual comments about innocent people just trying to run a business.A good example of the damaging filth TripAdvisor approves and posts on their so called family friendly website is the Review that TripAdvisor posted about a mother of 3 who was accused of sitting on a boat in her bikini with her legs spread for the whole world to see. First let us … [Read more...]

TripAdvisor here is the TRUTH

Here is how the site that more than willingly posts lies and libel reviews without any form of validation gets it's reviews... Get the REAL TRUTH!!     Ooohh Yes, I'm sure all these reviews will be honest reviews.. I mean you can  trust TripAdvisor can't you?  it say's so on their logo and their slogan... Surely TripAdvisor would not treat  us like idiots?     … [Read more...]

$40 to try and destroy the reputation of the competition

It must be hard times for people to willingly try and destroy the reputation of someone trying to make a living in the same line of business. Luckily for these scum there is TripAdvisor, that will post ANYTHING from ANYONE, no validation and no strings attached.. Here is a TRUE story that has been verified : [ names have been changed ] Mary had a hard 2 years after her husband died just 2 weeks before retirement, her 4 children had all left the home and started a family of their own. Now alone, … [Read more...]

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