TripAdvisor Reviews you know you can Trust part 1

A while back TripAdvisor was forced to remove their "Reviews you can Trust" slogan. Of course this came as a complete surprise to everyone! Does this really mean TripAdvisor reviews can't be trusted?.. If so, this is shocking, TripAdvisor is known to be a quality trustworthy travel review site by travelers for travelers. We are not going to sit back and do nothing while "The site you can Trust" gets dragged through the mud. Everyone knows TripAdvisor uses the latest state of the art review … [Read more...]

TripAdvisor here is the TRUTH

Here is how the site that more than willingly posts lies and libel reviews without any form of validation gets it's reviews... Get the REAL TRUTH!!     Ooohh Yes, I'm sure all these reviews will be honest reviews.. I mean you can  trust TripAdvisor can't you?  it say's so on their logo and their slogan... Surely TripAdvisor would not treat  us like idiots?     … [Read more...]

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