TripAdvisor offers ZERO Protection for Business Listings

The video posted below shows in detail how TripAdvisor runs it's  business, and ruins yours. TripAdvisor allows ANYONE to hijack ANY Business Listing in 60 sec. TripAdvisor doesn't validate anything or anyone.All this can be done without a valid email or TripAdvisor account... Yes that is correct, TripAdvisor just lets ANYONE start changing anything on someone else's   Business Listing .. This is no different as Facebook or Twitter allowing anyone to log into someone else's account and start … [Read more...]

Unsatisfactory protection for hoteliers from Tripadvisor

Posted on the "Owners Forum" of TripAdvisor Mar 04, 2011, 2:36 I recently had a serious problem regarding a review to which I wrote to TA outlining the problem. I wanted the review removed or at least a section of it as it what the author claimed wasn’t true, therefore by their own guildlines it was hearsay. The level of service from TA was speedy on the first reply, but it was the only reply, and it was totally unsatisfactory and obviously a generic response. In that corresponding email … [Read more...]

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