TripAdvisors Fake Review Nightmare

TripAdvisor is really becoming a laughing stock in the industry, they just bury their heads in the sand, and haven't got a clue where to go from here. Just 2 years ago, TripAdvisor was the only place to go for unreliable travel reviews. Now however there are numerous reliable sites that you CAN trust. Google dropped TripAdvisor Reviews from their search engine results, this was done for two reasons, One, the reviews cannot be trusted, and Two, Google launched their own Google Places. While … [Read more...]

Italian Movement SoSAlbergatori

[ Please excuse my English, I have done my best to translate this  from Italian ] We are an Italian team of Hotel Manager's and Owners that want to resolve the largest problem of our industry: TripAdvisor.We love reviews but we can not accept reviews that are libelous and false!Since 2007 we have been trying to resolve this problem with the cooperation of Italian’s Government, with the most popular Association Federalberghi, without results. We have written to Tourism Minister Michela … [Read more...]

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