Owners ignored bullied and threatened by TripAdvisor

  More and more hotels, B&B's, restaurants and other establishments want to be removed from TripAdvisor. EVERY person in the tourism industry knows they can and will never be able to please and satisfy everyone, no matter how hard they try. No one who works hard to please others are going to be happy with a negative review, but everyone knows sooner or later you will get one, and you will just have to deal with it. Dealing with a bad review is not pleasant, but when you know a review … [Read more...]

Remove your business from TripAdvisor

The arrogant pigs at TripAdvisor think they are so high and mighty, they post Lies, Libelous, Damaging,  Filthy Demeaning reviews on their site. As an owner you are defenseless. They only allow you to dispute an issue with a MAX 200 characters !! Lots of companies and properties do not want to be listed on a web site that just posts lies and libelous reviews from anyone that can post unvalidated reviews. TripAdvisor refuses to remove any properties, again, 'cos they are so arrogant and stuck … [Read more...]

Bad is much better for TripAdvisor

We decided it was time to test just how easy it is to post completely made up reviews on "The Site you can Trust" and you will not believe what we found.9 people each posted 2 Positive and 2 Negative random and completely made up reviews, giving us a total of 18 Positive Reviews and 18 Negative Reviews.All the reviews were posted between March 10th and May 10th. All 9 posters had a minimum of 12 posts ( the majority fake ), and the reviews were posted from around the world in English, Spanish, … [Read more...]

Unsatisfactory protection for hoteliers from Tripadvisor

Posted on the "Owners Forum" of TripAdvisor Mar 04, 2011, 2:36 I recently had a serious problem regarding a review to which I wrote to TA outlining the problem. I wanted the review removed or at least a section of it as it what the author claimed wasn’t true, therefore by their own guildlines it was hearsay. The level of service from TA was speedy on the first reply, but it was the only reply, and it was totally unsatisfactory and obviously a generic response. In that corresponding email … [Read more...]

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