Is TripAdvisor manipulating Reviews for certain establishments

Quote from Karen Drake, senior director of communications for TripAdvisor " While the list of dirtiest hotels is compiled from traveler ratings for cleanliness, invariably, it seems that poor hygiene indicates overall poor conditions. All told, 85 percent of TripAdvisor travelers who reviewed these ten properties recommend against staying there.” we would like to add that the TRUTH be told, and the above should be read as followed : " While the list of dirtiest hotels is compiled from … [Read more...]

TripAdvisor Destroys livelihoods with unvalidated Reviews from Unvalidated Users

Every year TripAdvisor puts together a list of the DIRTIEST HOTELS, and sends all +60 million members a link to their findings. Listing a Hotel as the Dirtiest Hotel in the USA or Asia, Europe etc. is a VERY serious accusation and will without any doubt ruin the livelihood of the owners. So, surely TripAdvisor must have plenty of air tight evidence that the reviews are all based on genuine reviewers, and follow up on all the disgusting reviews and photos that are submitted by completely … [Read more...]

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