TripAdvisor claims Butlins is full of Pedophiles

  An unvalidated TripAdvisor review from a one time unvalidated reviewer claims that Butlins is " Full of Pedophiles "     The more than 25 sophisticated filters,AND their team of detectives, AND their community of over 60 million users allowed a ONE TIME unvalidated Reviewer to post an unvalidated review, claiming Butlins is Full of Pedophiles.. HOW this reviewer knows it's FULL of Pedophiles, we don't know, we can only assume that as the saying goes " It takes one to know … [Read more...]

Credit Card Details Hacked at TripAdvisor

On March 24th, TripAdvisor finally admitted that hackers had easily hacked into numerous of their Databases. What TripAdvisor did not tell us is that the servers were "seeded" and the hackers had free access to members account info including Credit Card details, user names and Email accounts, for weeks and maybe even months before they caught on to the situation.Even after TripAdvisor knew private details were compromised, they waited another 4 days to alert their members.Even when they did come … [Read more...]

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