TripAdvisors Fake Review Nightmare

TripAdvisor is really becoming a laughing stock in the industry, they just bury their heads in the sand, and haven’t got a clue where to go from here.

Just 2 years ago, TripAdvisor was the only place to go for unreliable travel reviews. Now however there are numerous reliable sites that you CAN trust.
Google dropped TripAdvisor Reviews from their search engine results, this was done for two reasons, One, the reviews cannot be trusted, and Two, Google launched their own Google Places.
While there is a mass exodus of people ditching TripAdvisor, the opposite is the case for Google Places, they are shooting to the top.
So why is TripAdvisor becoming such a pathetic site? .. The answer is simple say’s Travel Guru and journalist Michael Brown.

They became too big for their boots, and were too arrogant to listen to their users, and make changes. Their website is “Old Fashion”, Reviews cannot be trusted, and they hide behind automated communications, it is almost impossible to contact a “Real” person from TripAdvisor, this might have been acceptable 10 years ago, but “today” it’s completely unacceptable.

It is common sense that if you visit a “Review Site” you want to be able to TRUST the reviews. We all know that TripAdvisor is full of fakes, lies, and slander.. all from unvalidated reviewers that can create as many accounts as they wish, and start posting reviews. There is even a “Cottage Industry” of people making good money for posting fake reviews.

Yes of course TripAdvisor knows this is happening, and again they choose to stick their big heads up their even bigger asses.

Here is a quote from TripAdvisor’s Kevin Carter

Kevin Carter TripAdvisor  wrote:             

 Aug 22nd 2011 8:24 GMT     

Thank you for your comments regarding this recent HOTELS Magazine interview. TripAdvisor has a zero tolerance policy on fraud. In your post, you mention that the “use of software to spot fake reviews can help, as can the use of algorithms and simple human perusal.” TripAdvisor employs the following methods as part of its ongoing efforts to ensure review legitimacy: Reviews are screened by our proprietary site tools that are continuously upgraded, our team of content integrity specialists investigate suspicious reviews, and our large and passionate community of more than 45 million monthly visitors also help report suspicious content. As the world’s largest travel site, we believe the legitimacy of our more than 50 million reviews and opinions from real travelers is a key reason why we enjoy tremendous user loyalty and growth – simply, if the reviews people read didn’t paint an accurate picture, users would not keep coming back.

Kevin Carter

Hahaha.. Mr Carter seriously needs to veer off the “Happy Smarties” . TripAdvisor is so LOUD when it comes to defending their  non existing fraud detecting system..  

@TripAdvisor,  you DO NOT know how to weed out fakes, you just have not got a clue, there is no need to be ashamed about this, admit it, and work on it..  With ALL the above methods you use to weed out fakes, WE have a +90% success rate,..   for the “Happy Smartie” lovin’ Kevin Carter, that is 9 out of 10 FAKE Reviews get so called filtered, approved and posted on TripAdvisor.. And YES, unlike you @TripAdvisor, we CAN prove it.

ALL our FAKE reviews are 100% copied from ( the few ) Genuine Reviews that have already been so called filtered and approved… Good Luck on weeding these FAKE reviews..

Can you weed the 3 FAKES from the genuine ?

3 Fake Reviews Tripadvisor Reviews

3 Fake Reviews and 1 Genuine.. Good Luck @TripAdvisor


C’mon TripAdvisor, just admit you have not got a clue.. You are SAD, Pathetic and Outdated. It’s time that Expedia pulls the plug on you, get rid of the dirty bath water.
Make way for Google Places, at least they know what “the people” want, and haven’t got their head up their ass ..





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TripAdvisor Warning

TripAdvisor Warning

We are a small group of 9 people that are tired of the way TripAdvisor chooses to conduct their business, mainly because of the total lack of consideration towards “owners” in the hospitality world. We are based in the USA, Europe and New Zealand.
TripAdvisor Warning
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  1. Contrucci says:

    Talking about fake reviews, this restaurant Galleria in Munich is a masterpeace: look at their 56 excellent reviews: all done by 1 reviewer only member, with all similar names, short generic reviews. On the contrary, the negative ones are 25, all long, detailed and by experienced reviewers…. it’s a shame how tripadvisor let this scam going on. This restaurant is paying a bribe to TA

  2. and again, the fake excellent reviews contiue ….

  3. Anyone know why TA is stripping reviews from my company? I own a small walking tour co. I Charleston SC. We had 25 excellent reviews. All from people from all over, some locals, some tourists, all real people. The competition in my industry is fierce. Many of the established companies live and die by TA. Called TA, they said we have no complaints… But they cannot divulge readons for nor will they acknowledge the removal of 13 of our reviews… Any suggestions?

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