TripAdvisor warning posts 6 Fake reviews for Italian Watchdog

Italy fines TripAdvisor €500,000 (£392,000 / US$600,000) over false reviews – It is very clear that TripAdvisor has no way of detecting fake reviews and / or damaging lies.

Back in October 2014 we were contacted by Giovanni who claimed to be working for the Italian Watchdog and kindly asked us to post 3 what we call “Opinion Reviews” [ all positive ] for 3 different Italian establishments .
Other than the reviews themselves, all the info and details about establishments were provided.

100% FAKE TripAdvisor Reviews

We GLADLY got started….

On October 3rd we posted 1 review, and on Oct. 4th we posted the following 2 reviews.

The first review we posted on October 4th was approved and online within 12 hours, the second review posted on October 4th was online within 24 hours, and the very first review we posted on October 3rd took actually 36 hours to be posted online. We did not have to verify any of these reviews.

On Dec. 3rd we were again asked to post 3 Negative reviews [ which we normally NEVER do ] for the exact same establishments. We posted the 1st on Dec. 3rd, the second on Dec 9th and the final one on Dec 15th – ALL 3 were approved and posted within 24 hours – we had to verify 1 review, which of course we did..

This showed the Italian watchdog just how easy it is for ANYONE to post false and malicious reviews, and that TripAdvisor has no way of weeding out fake reviews.

In total we posted as per request 6 opinion reviews and all 6 were approved and posted online by TripAdvisor.. That is a 100% success rate.

On December 22nd TripAdvisor was fined Euro 500.000 for not doing enough [ anything ] to stop people from posting fake reviews and damaging lies..

Of course TripAdvisor does not like the fact that they have been fined, and put in their place, and that it’s true, there is no way TripAdvisor can weed out fake reviews. TripAdvisor will of course appeal, but it will not be easy to appeal something that is proven to be a lie..
As the saying goes..

“Even TripAdvisor can’t prove the impossible”


Face the truth TripAdvisor, we posted in total 6 opinion reviews and all 6 got posted are you REALLY going to appeal 100% ??




TripAdvisor Warning

TripAdvisor Warning

We are a small group of 9 people that are tired of the way TripAdvisor chooses to conduct their business, mainly because of the total lack of consideration towards “owners” in the hospitality world. We are based in the USA, Europe and New Zealand.
TripAdvisor Warning
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  1. farid abdelkader says:

    Since I opened restaurant in Koh Phangan Thailand, and knowing that we get some really good feedback from our customers and success, some competitors in our street try by many ways to destroyed my business. Since we have good reviews on T.A, they use almost everyday to write some fake review on T.A, and even we bring solid evidence, nothing happen… T.A is now a kind of “competitors fighting playground” and it just destroyed my life !!! after 3 months activity I decided to sell my business and loose my money. My wife and myself worked so hard to get happiness and now, my wife cry everyday and we do not have anymore motivation to wake up in morning and go work… I requested many time to T.A to remove our account from this fake website, but it seems that they refuse my request against my freedom !!! I will add that I heard that if we need to get any assist from T.A we have to pay to them around 900 US$ year to get help… If you have any suggestion to help us to get out from this trap, I thank you so mush in advance. Help please !!!

  2. We have had regular threats from people who have either disregarded our rules or T&Cs, been refused access or asked to leave, that they would post negative revenge attacks on TA, despite some of these contravening their so called posting guidelines, being lies, obvious fakes or even libellous slurs on our good name, I have recently been called some terrible names by someone who wasn’t even allowed beyond reception, who used foul, insulting and threatening language, despite all this and our obvious protests TA ignored their own guidelines and it remains published, I really think its high time legal challenges to TA were made by the authorities, I am pleased the Italians fined them, I only hope the other countries and the EU will start to become more proactive with this disgusting outfit!

  3. We refused a person access to the hotel because he was aggressive and rude to the staff on the phone & at reception he threatened us with Tripadvisor who published his dreadful cooments which included “this place is famous in llandudno as being the worst hotel there, has appeared on the hotel inspector tv programme for its dirty and disgusting owners, just horrible vermin, dont book theres no fee parking between 10.00 and 17:00 hours and it is filthy” All lies and he hadn’t even been in the hotel! months later based on the lies that get printed on Tripadvisor a bank which we have a 5 year trading history refused us a small loan based on the reviews they had read!!

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