TripAdvisor Reviews you know you can Trust part 1

A while back TripAdvisor was forced to remove their “Reviews you can Trust” slogan. Of course this came as a complete surprise to everyone! Does this really mean TripAdvisor reviews can’t be trusted?.. If so, this is shocking, TripAdvisor is known to be a quality trustworthy travel review site by travelers for travelers. We are not going to sit back and do nothing while “The site you can Trust” gets dragged through the mud.

Sure you can trust TripAdvisor

Everyone knows TripAdvisor uses the latest state of the art review filtration system in the world to weed out fake, libel and deceiving reviews. I mean if it wasn’t for the highly educated team at TripAdvisor, Stefano L the filthy pedophile and hard working father, husband, son and brother would never have been caught, who cares if a monster like that tries to commit suicide, good riddance we say… It’s just a shame that it was a fake review that managed to slip past the superior TripAdvisor, and it was also a shame that they refused to remove the review for more than a year, which if you are honest is not that bad, seeing as that is the average time for TripAdvisor to respond to any problem.

Anyway Our team of very talented and experienced investigators spent a whole 5 minutes trying to find a dodgy review, and in all honesty we could not find any… Maybe TripAdvisor really does deserve the “Reviews you can Trust” slogan.

We found that the reviews were clearly honest and came from people that often had well respected jobs, such as Law Enforcement, Doctors, lots of excellent food critics, a Pathologist and we even found a Entomologist.. I mean what can a traveler wish more for? We would like to apologize to TripAdvisor for ever doubting their ability to spotting a fake review.. SORRY TripAdvisor you should be proud of yourselves, you really do an excellent job.


Enjoy part 1 of why TripAdvisor is a site you can trust. [ all these reviews are one time reviewers ]


Review from a Psychic

Fake TripAdvisor Review

TripAdvisor psychicQuality review from this psychic  that never visited this hotel yet still managed to rate the Value, Location, Rooms,Cleanliness and even the Service.. Now THAT is class!!.
Just a shame this person didn’t use his psychic ability to see his girlfriend was gonna be shaggin’ the staff.
We however are happy to see that TripAdvisor allows reviews from psychic’s, ‘cos nearly all our reviewers are psychic’s.. We would now like to see the Review message changed to “I confirm I have either stayed at this  establishment, or I am a psychic”





Cock Sausage with a dollop of man nog

Fake TripAdvisor Review

Cock Sausage

Excellent review TripAdvisor, we are so glad you posted this review… A lot of people will be asking us WHY?.. and we now have a fine example on how things can be taken the wrong way by the less educated ones among us… 

Everyone should  know that a real traditional  “Mergaz” [ which means “Cock Sausage” ] comes with a dollop of fresh “Man Nog”  that is what makes the “Mergaz” a “Mergaz”.. otherwise it would be like a hamburger without the burger.

There is a very thin line between “believing” and “hoping” and maybe after too much cheap house wine this guest got confused. ..

Another quality TripAdvisor review you just know you can trust. 



A plate of tapeworms and a pint of sexual fluids please.

fake TripAdvisor Review

Now TripAdvisor has to know they have a quality site you can trust when the local Pathologist uses your site to post a quality review.

sex with a serverAs we can see, TripAdvisor is not just very reliable, it is also very educational. Be honest did you know that having sex with a server spreads diseases such as tape worms.

My question is, how the hell do you have sex with a server? what port do you penetrate? do you have to be online to spread the diseases? and “diseases” is that a new  Oday virus / worm, ‘cos I have never heard about spreading a worm virus this way, usually it’s injected into the database via a bad coded script, or through an attachment of course.. but never having sex with the server… very strange!

Well I’m sure this restaurant is pretty pleased with this quality review, I’m quite sure there is a market for people that enjoy sexual fluids mixed in both the food and drink. The one very important bit of info this reviewer did not mention, is if it’d possible to choose who’s sexual fluids you wish to consume?. 

Quality reviews like this puts TripAdvisor at the top.. Man they must be proud!..


No doubt you were easily convinced with these quality unvalidated reviews from quality unvalidated reviewers that TripAdvisor is the best and most reliable source of travel information on the web. For all you skeptics that are still not 100% convinced, stay tuned for part 2 where we will definitely convince you that TripAdvisor are the world leaders when it comes to destroying your reputation with filth and lies  high quality reviews. 

Part 2 coming soon…



TripAdvisor Warning

TripAdvisor Warning

We are a small group of 9 people that are tired of the way TripAdvisor chooses to conduct their business, mainly because of the total lack of consideration towards “owners” in the hospitality world. We are based in the USA, Europe and New Zealand.
TripAdvisor Warning
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  1. Have just had a week in The Pink House,Thorpeness, lovely house, beautiful comfy beds, but just a couple of things need tweeting. Firstly,1 bathź t

  2. Have just spent a week inThe Pink House, Thorpeness. Lovely house, weather to die for, but a couple of things need tweeting. We would have liked a couple of hand towels each – 1 bath sheet each not enough for a week, no instructions book left for the oven and lastly,I did object to having to strip our bed of bottom sheet, pillow slips and duvet (which was very heavy). JMW

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