TripAdvisor Ignores their flaw and knowingly continues to destroy reputations and livelihoods

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TripAdvisor Destroys

TripAdvisor Ignores their flaw and knowingly continues to destroy reputations and livelihoods


6 Months ago we posted an article pointing out that there was a major flaw in TripAdvisor “Flagging” establishments based purely on “cause to believe”… that’s right, no evidence at all. An establishment and reputation can get destroyed just because the arrogant TripAdvisor “has cause to believe” that the establishment is posting positive reviews to boost their own listing on TripAdvisor… We sent TripAdvisor proof that ANYONE can destroy the competition by getting it flagged. We also sent full details of an establishment that “others” had manged to get flagged. It goes without saying, that we never heard back from TripAdvisor, thanking us for pointing out the huge flaw… But, not did they just ignore us, they did NOTHING to fix the flaw. So, TripAdvisor knows their crap system is completely open to abuse, but the still destroy establishments and reputations based on “Cause to Believe” A few days ago we received detailed info from Th3 P0553that in just 4 weeks they had easily got 3 establishments Flagged on TripAdvisor. So easy anyone can do it.. and TripAdvisor just doesn’t care!  

What you need

CCleaner & VPS


CrapCleaner [ free ]

Download at We highly recommend CCleaner. Although for this task it is not a necessity it’s good to use for removing your cookies ( both normal and flash ) and internet history.

A VPN [ Virtual Private Network ]

This is a must, for more info about the best VPN Service Providers check 


How to flag an Establishment on TripAdvisor:

[ Successfully Tested Using Internet Explorer on XP, Vista and 7 ]  


STEP ONE : Preparation

Lets just say you want to destroy the reputation of the competition, which in this case is lets say “Hotel Kaufer” in Boston – FIRST you need to Change your COMPUTER NAME which is very easy [ here’s how using XP and Vista ] don’t worry, when you are done, you can change it back.. Change your Computer Name to ( in this case) Hotel-Kaufer or Kaufer-Receptionetc..  


STEP TWO : Cleaning

It is important to clean your PC, and DELETE all your cookies, both normal and Flash using CCleaner, make sure “Adobe Flash Player” is ticked in the Multimedia section of “Cleaner” .. Once you are sure your PC is clean, then restart your computer.  


STEP THREE : Create Accounts

Now it’s time to first create a free email account, using for example Yahoo, Ymail, Rocket Mail, Gmail etc.. keep the details in a safe place, ‘cos you will need them later to “Validate” your Review(s). Once you have your Email account ready, it’s time to create a TripAdvisor Account – Seeing as “Hotel Kaufer” is in Boston MA, we are going to change our IP to a Boston Listed IP using your choice of VPN [ at this stage it is not really needed, however we highly recommend getting used to doing this every time you use TripAdvisor ] Now with your new IP, create your new TripAdvisor account… You will need to create about 5 Accounts, both email and TripAdvisor 


STEP FOUR : Prepare Reviews

At this stage you will be preparing both positive and negative reviews, in a slightly exaggerated form. The slightly exaggerated POSITIVE review is for “Hotel Kaufer” and the slightly exaggerated BAD review is for ANY Establishment that is competition / rival to “Hotel Kaufer” . [just check on TA ] The reason BOTH reviews must be slightly exaggerated, is because you don’t want them to get posted, instead you want them to get filtered. In the reviews put stuff like I AND We [ for example I loved it, We had a great time ] also use both present and past tense in the same review – In the bad review, make a subtle good comment about “Hotel Kaufer” [ for example : Last time I stayed at Hotel Kaufer, and the service was far better.. etc ] We recommend using “NotePad” to write 5 positive reviews and 5 Negative reviews. In the next step you can just Copy and Paste the reviews into TripAdvisor..


STEP FIVE : Posting the Reviews

You should now be prepared, and you should have 5 email accounts – 5 TripAdvisor accounts – 5 Positive Reviews and 5 Negative Reviews. You will now post all the reviews over a 5 day period. From each account you will post 2 reviews at the same time, the good review and the bad review. You should do this each day using all your new accounts.. DO NOT FORGET to always log into your TripAdvisor Account using your[ in this case ] Boston MA IP address  


STEP SIX : Validating the Reviews

This is a very important part to be successful, so please make sure you understand what we are doing.. Within (usually) 48 hours you will receive an Email from TripAdvisor asking you to validate the link… DO NOT click on the link yet… Before you validate the link, you MUST use Crap Cleaner to clean your PC / Laptop making sure you delete ALL cookies and history.. Once that has been done, re-start your computer… Now we need to generate a “handful” of cookies using your NEW Computer name “Hotel-Kaufer‘ first make your way to (in this case) the Hotel Kaufer listing on TripAdvisor, then continue a FEW Hotels that are listed in the same area, making sure you include the “Competions” Hotel mentioned in your “Negative Review” … Now Google something like “How to post Fake Reviews on TripAdvisor” .. go ahead and click on a few of the web pages that appear.. each page will be adding a cookie.. Once this is done, make sure you are using your Boston IP, you can now Validate your Review by clicking on the link in your email.. Repeat these steps for each validation… Or just wait until you have received ALL the Validation Emails from TripAdvisor, and validate them all at the same time..  


That’s it, Th3 P0553 managed to get 3 establishments flagged using this method… Chances are TripAdvisor will Flag “Hotel Kaufer” for trying to manipulate the ratings.. when in fact “Hotel Kaufer” has not got a clue what happened. All they know, is that their reputation has been destroyed by TripAdvisor’s “Cause to believe”.. what a fuckin’ joke!!!!!


As mentioned above, TripAdvisor is fully aware that it is not just possible, but very easy to get an establishment flagged, and destroying a reputation and someones livelihood.. TripAdvisor just ignores this issue, and continue Flagging Establishments.


If your establishment has been Flagged, or you know someone that has lost business because of the arrogant TripAdvisor’s ” Cause to believe” we strongly suggest you seek legal help / advice. Contact us for more info about this, and a list of names you can contact.



TripAdvisor Warning

TripAdvisor Warning

We are a small group of 9 people that are tired of the way TripAdvisor chooses to conduct their business, mainly because of the total lack of consideration towards “owners” in the hospitality world. We are based in the USA, Europe and New Zealand.
TripAdvisor Warning
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  1. All said about tripadvisoris true, but there is one important thing nobody is pointing out.

    Tripadvisor buisness model, which can be simply explained likethis:

    1.empower visitors to make whatever comment,
    this increase traffic dramatically and put lot of pressure on Hotels/Restaurants

    2.implement algorithms to benefit those Hotels/Restaurants who pay tripadvisorforads and services
    example, those who pay have all the good reviews published, the others have most of the good rejected
    and all the bad ones published.

    3.charge Hotel/restaurants

    In the near future we’ll see tripadvisor to grow substantially
    as well as those Hotel/Restaurants who pay tripadvisor

    The only way to break this dominance and perversive business model
    is to force tripadvisor to implement a system through which visitors must prove
    they are/were true customers of the place they are reviewing.
    as major portals do: Booking,Hostelworld, Hostelbookers and the like

    This is it. Any other approach won’t work.
    There is a wrong assumption that tripadvisor cares about the legitimacy of the reviews,
    this is missleading.
    All tripadvisor cares is tokeepthe business model as it is.

    Maybe, a solution is to start a class action to pass a law
    by which all online review publishers MUST provide a system
    to guarantee the reviewer is a real customer.

  2. I know for sure that Tripadvisor is completely corrupt , I have posted many reviews , real reviews covering from Singapore , Malaysia , Thailand , Indonesia , I spent many hours posting honests reviews.
    Then in December 2011 I posted some info for an extremely nice Villa in Sanur Bali & all of a sudden there was an attack from other regular posters who were friends of a rival business , they complained & the rival owner had obviously paid money to have the reviews taken down & any postings relating to this Villa were deleted without any explanation , I ask for a reason & was informed they don’t have to give a reason.
    Now this would not really bother me normally but the rival Villa accommodation was clearly at a much lower standard & very obvious that there were many fake reviews .I visited these Villa’s myself & had a look at what is ranked number one Villa’s in Sanur & found them to be very poor standard proving my suspicions.
    I posted my concern on Tripadvisor & there response was to cancel my account , very mature reaction for a so called professional outfit.To close my account with months of real reviews is very strange way to deal with this situation & I’m not the only one it has happened to.

  3. Of course TA is corrupt, I own a small hotel and do not pay for advertising just word of mouth so a lot of time and effort.
    I am usually ranked number 2 in the area for years.
    I received an e-mail from TA saying they are basically changing their ranking system in My area?
    The next day they put me significantly down in ranking and the hotels all above me are those who pay for advertising on Trip adviser and who are members of the sister companies Expedia,…I am not a member and do not pay for advertising the ranking basically is who can pay more

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