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For the past 2 months establishment owners from around the world have been helping each other posting and validating  fake reviews from around the world.

TripAdvisor Destroys Reputations -

We ourselves, and 0ur partners at Real TripAdvisor Reviews have been using this method of posting “Opinion” Reviews for the past year. We do not use or need to use proxy servers or VPN’s, we have been and are still using real people from around the world using local genuine everyday IPS’s. For the past year 15 friends from 6 countries 0n 3 continents have posted more than 3500 opinion reviews for establishment owners around the world that are being destroyed by TripAdvisor’s blackmail platform.

Two months ago we decided to create a new much larger network of review posters and validators. We contacted 100 establishment owners that had made use of our review service, and asked if they would be willing to help and be helped by other owners,  creating as far as we know the largest network of review posters in the world. Last weekend  Sept. 1 and 2 just over 200 reviews were posted on TripAdvisor. In doing so numerous Senior Contributor  accounts were reached by multiple reviewers from numerous different countries.

Now we are opening up to all owners from around the world that would like to help and be helped by other owners that are also having their reputation and livelihood destroyed by TripAdvisor. We are no longer just 9 people posting 20 reviews a week, we will be hundreds, possibly thousands of like minded  people posting reviews on TripAdvisor, and until TripAdvisor finally get their arrogant heads out of their fat corporate ass’s and put an end to unvalidated lies and the damage and suffering they cause, there is very little they can do about it…


How it works :

Bob lives in the UK and owns a hotel, He wants to posts a fake review on TripAdvisor to boost his rating, cos his competition is using TA to slate him.

Here is how he will do it…

1) Bob logs into Validate TripAdvisor Reviews, and notes where the other members are from.. He decides that his Fake Review will be from the Boston MA area, seeing as there are a few members from that area..

2) He creates an email account for his review for example using a basic password seeing as it will be shared later  [ he keeps this in a safe spot ]


3) He then creates a fake USA account on TripAdvisor using his NEW email and again using a basic password seeing as it could be shared later [ His new account is Stephen K from Newton Falls MA ]

He Does not worry about logging into an American Account using an English IP ( we will let you know why at the time )

4) Bob uses his new TA account to post a positive review about his hotel

5) He then logs into his account on Validate TripAdvisor Reviews and gets in touch with for example Larry, a fellow member that lives in the Boston / Newton Falls MA area.

6) Bob keeps an eye on his REAL TripAdvisor listing AND his email account for the TripAdvisor Validation Email… If the review gets posted, all is well and Bob tells Larry he wont need to validate the link.. OR if Bob does get a Validation Email, he DOES NOT open the email, instead he gives Larry the login Details, and Larry then Validates the Review with a GENUINE IP

7) Bob can now allow other members to use the Reviewer’s TA Account for other reviews… and Bob can pick up someone else’s TA account repeat Steps 4 – 6

This is just a basic explanation of how it works, once you have joined fellow establishment owners against TripAdvisor, you will get a detailed and step by step explanation of how to make this work. You will also get a list of tools we highly recommend using for Steps #3 and #4 There is also a forum where owners can discuss TripAdvisor issues, and get help / advice from people that CARE

TripAdvisor Destroys Reputations -

This service is 100% FREE, HOWEVER we do ask for $1 that MUST be paid by PayPal [ reason will be given to you at the time ] it’s only for establishment owners that are listed on TripAdvisor AND must have a personal / business website / blog [ we will tell you the reason for this at the time ], all the members are by invitation and are validated by us.

So far we have signed up 130 establishment owners from 28 countries on 5 continents. In the coming weeks we will be testing this system, however so far it has been working without any glitches.

As it is now more and more quality TripAdvisor Reviewer accounts are being created and shared by members. Numerous accounts have even reached Senior Contributor and even a Top Contributor.

If you are a establishment owner, and TripAdvisor is treating you like shit and using bully tactics to manipulate you, and you would like to meet, help and be helped by others going through the same, contact us for more info. Anyone contacting us for more info MUST supply their TripAdvisor listing AND a link to their personal website. Sorry, at the moment we can not accept anyone that does not have a personal website / blog.

TripAdvisor Destroys Reputations -

Once you have been given the link and password to the forum, you can create you personal account, just like any other forum, you will be asked for your country / state or province and the largest town nearest to your home.  You will have the choice to offer your services as a “Poster” a “Validator” or Both. Once in, you will see a map of the world with the list of users and countries. The support forum is just like any other forum, you can meet others and decide where your next fake  reviewer will come from.. It’s no different than getting in touch with a very good friend and asking him / her to post a fake review for you.. NO proxies or other shit needed.. clean, genuine opinion reviews. And a very good thing is, each fake review account can be used by multiple people, which means the fake reviewer gets stronger and more reliable in the eyes of TripAdvisor.

For example…

Bobs fake reviewer Stephen K has already posted a review about Bobs hotel and a restaurant and is now being used by Paddy in Dublin to post a review about his hotel, and 2 of his friends restaurants.. Stephen K now has 6 reviews. A month later  Stephen K is being used by Bud in San Francisco to review his B&B, and 2 tours and 3 restaurants, Stephen K, which is Bobs fake reviewer has now grown to 12 reviews using 3 different owners from 3 different countries… ALL from a forum and a network of owners..

For those owners that are just too busy to post their own reviews, you can still rely on our friends at Real TripAdvisor Reviews, they research your establishment and post their opinion for just $20

Contact Us  for more info

TripAdvisor Destroys Reputations



TripAdvisor Warning

TripAdvisor Warning

We are a small group of 9 people that are tired of the way TripAdvisor chooses to conduct their business, mainly because of the total lack of consideration towards “owners” in the hospitality world. We are based in the USA, Europe and New Zealand.
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