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As of December 17th (2011) our “friends” can no longer remove establishments from TripAdvisor, ‘cos they patched the hole . This might well change in the near future, so stay tuned. 

The arrogant pigs at TripAdvisor think they are so high and mighty, they post Lies, Libelous, Damaging,  Filthy Demeaning reviews on their site. As an owner you are defenseless. They only allow you to dispute an issue with a MAX 200 characters !!

Lots of companies and properties do not want to be listed on a web site that just posts lies and libelous reviews from anyone that can post unvalidated reviews. TripAdvisor refuses to remove any properties, again, ‘cos they are so arrogant and stuck up!

The good news is, we know some people that can and will COMPLETELY remove your property from TripAdvisor. This is not done for free, but it also won’t break the bank.

The success rate of removing your business is 100%, however, TripAdvisor does make Backups, and in theory could replace your property and reviews, but this would have to be done in a short time frame.

So far 7 properties and restaurants have been removed over 5 weeks ago, and they were never missed by TripAdvisor.

NO upfront money gets paid until AFTER your property has vanished.

If you would like to be removed from TripAdvisor, send a note and we will forward it to our friends, and they will get back to you.

Remember to make sure we can verify your email and property / business, we do NOT follow links, and messages with attachments get lost forever.

Revove your business from TripAdvisor


.:: this message was sent to us, and just like the lies posted on TripAdvisor has not been verified  ::.

TripAdvisor Warning

TripAdvisor Warning

We are a small group of 9 people that are tired of the way TripAdvisor chooses to conduct their business, mainly because of the total lack of consideration towards “owners” in the hospitality world. We are based in the USA, Europe and New Zealand.
TripAdvisor Warning
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  1. I am about to ask trip advisor not to post a comment which I am being threatened with. This person sent me a copy of a letter she intends to post in order to hurt my business. I have not slept all weekend as I depend completely on my income from my rental. I am so upset and hoping that I can prevent her comments from going on my site. She does not even have any proof that she stayed in my property. This is definately a case of blackmail and she entered with an agressive attitude. I would appreciate any help in prosecuting if possible if her review is allowed to go through. Thanks.

    • TripAdWarning says:

      Hi Anna
      Any chance of sending us the Blackmail letter, we will post it for others to see how TripAdvisor is being used to Blackmail owners..
      Please send it to Thanks and good luck

    • I sold my hotel in Patong beach Thailand because they took control of my web sites and directed all business to them all because I wouldn’t join one of their many bookings companys like expedia or virtual tourist just to name a couple.
      I see they have been fined $1 million dollars in a french court for doing exactly the same thing to another hotel, its good to see people now starting to speak up about these criminals.
      Their the new age Mafia, they use the internet to extort commissions, for booking companys that they own, what started off as what us people in the hotel thought were “harmless reviews” turned out to black mail and thug stand over tactics.

  2. Hiya Can you please indicate how much this is to remove any bad comments I have a friend whos had so much malicious its so damaging for her.
    I want to pass on your advice but would like to tell here how much it may cost
    Much appreciated

    • TripAdWarning says:

      We cannot remove any reviews, we do however know some people that can remove the establishment completely
      Contact us, we will forward you to the right people.. make sure you can verify your contact details, before we respond.

      • Would like to be contacted re-above posting – removal from TA website – what happens when we have been reoved and
        someone wishes to post a new review?

        thank you

        peter davies

        • TripAdWarning says:

          Once your establishment has been removed, it is gone completely. However if in rare cases TripAdvisor notices your property has disappeared, they can add it back from a backup. Also in the future anyone can “Add your Property” again.

          • my listing CARLOS PALACIOS PHOTOGRAPHY got erased!!! its under things to do at santa teresa, costa rica.
            it was there yesterday night today its gone….
            can u please redirect this to whoever can help me thanks

      • Hi. I’d like to get my rental site off trip advisor. Thankfully I have never had anyone from Trip Advisor stay here. I never signed up with trip advisor. The pirated my rental property from somewhere else and then put all sorts of wrong rates and inaccurate stuff up. It makes problems since their rates are totally wrong. I never wanted to be associated with them. They breed ill will, competition, general anger and unpleasantness as far as I can see they have no redeeming features. HELP

      • pissedoff says:

        How do I contact you directly to delete our business account. We have a handful of reviews that are flat our lies and tripadvior REFUSES to delete them.

      • How do you remove a business. I just purchased it and the old owner can’t remove it from trip advisor

    • Louise tyrrell says:

      Hi there, we would like to remove our business from tripadvisor. How do we go about this and how much will it cost?
      Thanks Louise.

      • AngelaQuaoar says:

        It is not possible to remove one listing, even pictures. I think it is totally illegal. They ask you to prove that you have closed your business.
        But even if it is not close, we should have the right to delete our data. ILLEGAL way to catch data, for ever !!
        Myself, I have updated our own site about the termination of our activity. I try to put a new cover picture to the TA page, notifying the same. But they don’t seem to update it ! They are conman, free to cheat, american way to do business, SHAME !

  3. Dear Anna

    The same thing happened to me so I know how you feel I am a small property owner and My husband and I built our property live here and I know how terribel you must feel as I felt the same but My husband said if you know you have a good product and look forward and keep positive people can see quite clear it is fake, at first I thought no way and I am sure some people think the false accusations are true but do you know the I have found out when asking My Guests how they found my property and when they sat TA I ask them what did they think about the negative fake review the all said they could see it was not true.
    so no matter what they put just reply and keep positive, the only annoying thing is you can not say when you reply this person has put a fake review on and so on as TA will not post it…………………… i did 4 times put in the real truth and they did not post it so I had to put some rather silly reply
    again try to keep positive and only good will come and try not and let TA be so strong to make you feel that way or they have won

  4. I think it’s time for a class action lawsuit against Tripadvisor. They are willing to damage our businesses and reputations with unfounded reviews and make money off of it at the same time. There has to be an attorney somewhere that will take this on contingency. There’s a lot of liability in using someone else’s property and business, to make profit without their consent, then allowing slanderous, unproven accusations to be perpetuated throughout the world, via internet. It’s only a matter of time before some enterprising attorney realizes how much money they can make from this. It could have far reaching consequences. How is it that Tripadvisor can use the image of our businesses, our trade names and use them against us? And to think, they are a major sponsor of PAII now. This is most revolting.

  5. Mamie Pound nor you’re talking. In Mexico there are strict laws against defamation of character and this is what has happened to me too. I never look at TA but I did last night only to find a terrible review from someone who even admitted they didn’t use my service! Now how in the hell can someone review a service if they never used it? Yet that review is fine with TA? I wrote a management response last night and it looks like it will take a long time to get posted, if it isn’t rejected. I have the letter to remove the posting ready but it takes so long for them to respond. Meanwhile they are cutting into my income, WTF? I believe that I am losing money from one post that was made about 6 weeks ago and I have no recourse. I thought about removing my listing and find out its impossible, yet they make money from my listing and cause me to lose money…..something isn’t right this is definately class action material. I will see what I can do on making a complaint against them in Mexico, but I am ready to jump in on a class action suit!

    • Hi, The similar case happen to me. My company is not in Mexico is in the Caribbbean, but the competitors are posting negative reviews, also guests want things for free and if you don´t give it, they threaten posting negative reviews on tripadvisor, sometimes they do it and tha affect a lot my company. The worst thing is that the reviews are not objective.

  6. giacomo orrico says:

    Help me please!i have two restaurants in isla mujeres,mexico.
    The first one is mamma rosa,is italian is one of the most popular in isla but not tanks to trip advisor!
    I never registered in trip advisor,some one registered me just for send bud rewiew.
    The second restaurant is mamacita,is mexican and still today is not in trip advisor
    i work 12 hours each day,and i don´t want read lies in trip advisor.
    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hi.
    Back in October 2011 you deleted my B&B from Tripadvisor, now 6 months later it has been put back minus all the reviews, but someone is posting negative reviews about us, it’s obviously the same person ‘cos they are making the exact same spelling mistakes. I read it was no longer possible to have a property removed, I did contact you again but have not heard back. I’m hoping it is possible again to have my property removed. Please reply..

    • TripAdWarning says:

      I’m afraid we can no longer remove a listing, however this can change in the (near) future. We did make it clear that once a property has been removed, anyone can still add it back by posting a new review, luckily in your case you lost all your previous reviews.
      Good Luck

  8. Heather Watt says:


    I’m really suffering badly from a comment made on Trip Advisor with guests who did not even stay with us. I would like to remove my listing from Trip Advisor because i can’t stand it any more. Can you help me regarding how I go about removing my listing.

    Thanks Heather

  9. I never allow Tripadvisor to upload my company (info,logo,adress,phones, etc). My logo is a copyright, I send an e-mail to tripadvisor and they respond me like 3 weeks later, just to tell me that They didn’t do it, probably was a customer. Tripadvisor is a scam and fraud, Tripadviosr is illegal. Please community help me to remove my company without cost, Why Do I need to pay to erase my company, If I never authorized that tripadvisor manage my company.
    Angry Owner

  10. Please help my business is removed but tripadvisor now put it back and other hotel in the same town is adding lies about me and family please I do not want to be my business on tripadvisor can you remove again I will pay again same price please help

    • TripAdWarning says:

      Sorry to hear TripAdvisor re-added your listing, this is something we cannot stop. I’m also afraid that we can no longer remove listings from TripAdvisor. Stay tuned, our friends are constantly trying to find ways to re-access the site.

  11. Pencho Raluca says:

    Trip Advisor Sucks
    Trip Advisor refuses to remove our business from their listing. We have specifically directed them to do so almost every day, but they refuse. No justification is given just a statement that they will not do so even the business closes. This is unacceptable and we encourage everyone to avoid using this service.

    • Be careful…..!! If you continue to harsass these B^&*()$s they will red flag your listing … they don’t comply to your request but red flag it with a very negative comment … The only way to unlist is say you are closed but that is also no help as your listing is still there and shows CLOSED! Surely all of this is illegal and why ….why ??? can’t anybody win a lawsuit against them?? How do they get away with hijacking us and blackmailing us … ?? Who are they paying off ??? I am so angry and sick of them

  12. i have reviews from people who threatened me to write a review . Example, a cleaning lady who was fired went and wrote a horrible review . Another customer who cancelled out and lost a small depost according to the policies went and wrote a review , THis website is frustrating . email me who cna delete my account

  13. I believe talking shit about trip advisor is one way of crediting them! You are wasting your precious time discussing someone business! Imaging i knew them through your comments eeh! So you business owners stop worrying! just do your business, be honest and let whom you have served to be your ambassador! treat them well they will come back with a friend! and if a friend is well treated will bring another friend and so on! We have facebook, twitter, my space etc where friends can share their experiences, try using them to refute all fake comments and so ever!

  14. @ ROMAN no my friend talking shit about trip advisor is not crediting them but it is to make people aware how scam back they are and it is also to give people some support to let them know that they are not alone. We are an establishment with a very good reputation for almost more than 15 years. Obviously nobody is perfect and you cannot please everyone but 99 per cent of our customers leave the premises happy. Recently, we have some very very bad reviews appears on trip advisor after a very nice comment which we cannot understand , because if the customers were so dissatisfied they should have shown some signs whilst they were in the premises.We have written to trip advisor and we have even prove with a simple math that the comment is not true but they respond us saying that they found nothing wrong with the comment. They have no right to damage my reputation and my business and use my business without my consent to make profit. I will be statrting a campaign against trip advisor soon so if anyone have any ideas or would like to join me please feel free and send me a message to
    If we act together I am sure we can do something about this horrible website!

  15. I’m in. I’ll gladly join a class action lawsuit against TripAdvisor.

  16. Please could you remove The Bistro at The Peech. This restaurant is now closed. I have been trying to do this for a while and nothing comes to light.
    It is part of The Peech Hotel which is still operational but the restaurant side is NOT.

    Please assist

  17. Could someone from Tripadvisor please assist with removing The Bistro at The Peech as this is no longer operational.
    The Hotel side of everything is still running “The Peech Hotel” but not the restaurant/bistro.

  18. Hi,
    I really got bored of fake listings about my restaurant. I tried several times to contact trip advisor but there is no way to communicate with them. I feel that i can’t protect my business. I would like to remove my restaurant from trip advisor listings but i can’t find a way. Please help me!!!!!

  19. So sick of obvious fske reviews a string of excellent ones then loads a number of fake ones. Please help to remove. Thanks

  20. Hi sounds good i have a business I would like removed

  21. My business had 6 excellent reviews removed by TA saying the they were fraudulent put there by staff? We had only 14 reviews in total, we were then placed bottom of the list in our local small town.
    I wrote to TA explaining that we had free wifi in our restaurant and maybe customers used the same ip address for their reviews.
    There answer was for me to put up a notice saying NOT to leave reviews in my restaurant, idiots.
    Can you point me in the right direction to get my restaurant removed from TA please. Thank-you

  22. hello
    sir I listed in our property but that not completed show price and my email and I login TripAdvisor must I’d all so not SIG in so sad then I decided remove registered soap sad no help TripAdvisor team please help remove or list proper visibility
    Munnar Kerala Tour

  23. Hi can you please help me remove my business completely off the trip advisor page, that means the removal of my business and the reviews. I have received many false reviews and Trip Advisor has nothing about it. Ive had enough and need help removing my business.Will be much appreciated thanks

  24. I have trying to remove my bakery from tripadvisor since years
    although I have sent my water and electricity bill for verification
    nothing ever happens
    what can I do

  25. Same boat. I’ll be glad to join a class action.

  26. Trip advisor is the biggest BS out there. It hardly has honest reviews. If you are hotel owner then it’s a double whammy. You have a lousy competitor that will post a bad review for your hotel and good ones for his hotel. Trip advisor will do nothing about it. I have seen this happen to a lot of our hotels. Worst is that big Hotel chains instead of pressuring Trip Advisor they are penalizing hotel owners for fake interviews posted by others.

  27. Never asked to join this , think shared our info to trip adviser. Can you remove us ?

  28. Unfortunately, we keep receiving false negative reviews about our restaurant on TripAdvisor. We would really like to remove our restaurant from that crap website. Please contact us to help. Thanks!

  29. I have taken over the lease of a property that was previously used as an office of a short term stay business. They rented out approx. 50 terrible apartment in the area and eventually went out of business. I want to turn the house into a short term stay property however the address is listed on about 30 websites including Trip Advisor as it was the main office an therefore address used for listings. So it looks as though the reviews are related to the property address even though it was just the office. If you read the Trip Advisor reviews they even make mention of the fact that it was various apartments, but NEVER a house that was rented. I have contacted Trip Advisor who have told me that I need to join up with them in order to remove the current reviews. I do not want to be listed on their site. Furthermore, I have also been informed that one of the reviewers attempted to extort money from the previous operator in order to remove her bad reviews!!

  30. I am having serious problems with TA reviews. Customers,disgruntled staff and competitors threaten us blackmail us and want freebies otherwise they will write bad reviews. The worst part is that bad reviews appear next to no time and good reviews never appear or when they do they appear once in a way. Everything becomes tikety boo if you pay TA and do a business listing.
    please advice on how we can sort this mess out. When we complain about suspicious reviews all we get is a reply saying ” it is in accordaance with thier policy or some crap like that.

    • I have suffered with the positive then negative review scenario since opening 3 years ago, whilst a cafe that opened after me, who only does coffee and cakes, continues to soar up the ratings.

      Another small restaurant nearby who opens and closes at will and who is very well known for, and I have seen her myself, purchases produce and wine from Tesco’s and serves it to her customers, only gets 5* ratings every single time! That is impossible – just check out some of the most famous places in this country and even they don’t consistently get 5*’s. I have no problem with her or her food to be honest and occasionally go myself. But I also know from those visits and comments made to me by some of her customers that there are faults. Either she bribes her customers, she has a mechanism to get reviews written for her, or one to get them removed.

      This is a small town and no one place here is perfect, not even mine. My breakfast retained at £4.95 over the last 3 years and using only Heinz beans, Warburtons bread, etc, is considered expensive by one reviewer whilst another cafe serves half the amount of food, charging £5.95 but their customers think it’s good value… People have their favourite places, fine, but why slag someone else’s off?!

  31. Please help us, we have serious problem from review in TA. Every time we got positive review, suddenly within a day, another bad reviews on top. We are tired of their game. They offered some positive review to make us number one in our town! We don’t want that! TA has put our business in the bottom three in my town, please, help us to remove our account. We really need help.

  32. I have one family who have been trying to destroy
    My business for years getting there friends and family
    To write bad reviews I even spoke to trip advisor and they
    Just don’t care so can you help me to get my business removed
    Completely please

  33. recieving false listings from other competitors in my area , would like my business removed , please help !

  34. Donna C. says:

    I, too, am angry at Trip Advisor, because they continually allow “reviewers” to write a review without ever being a customer – without ever spending a dime in my business. I have no problems and even welcome factual objective reviews, but Trip Advisor allows any review to be initially posted – even ones that just say “you suck”!. I have tried to talk to a live person at Trip Advisor with no luck. Has anybody ever attempted to organize a class action suit? Because I am serious about this. It isn’t right – I work 7 days a week, 10 hours a day and I am not taking this negligence from Trip Advisor lightly.

  35. Bad review, 1*, ‘Unprofessional and vile’, full of patronising and unfounded comments ranging from: stroppy teenager to minor to gobby, unhygienic and immature (5* food hygiene rating for 3 years running). What control do we have over flies when eating outdoors?? How can someone get away with writing this? They came inside and tried telling the manager how to cook, what temperature foodvshould be, portion sizes, etc. They used the F word at her several times. She came to get me to speak to them but they promptly disappeared. The next review was ‘consistently fabulous’ and 5*. How is this possible when it was the same two staff members?!

    Such people hide behind anonimity. I am convinced that some competitors, like others say, write or have someone write bad reviews.

    I am taking legal advice, initially against those people for libel – they need to prove with facts what they’ve said, and will seriously consider going after Trip Advisor for assisting this as they do so without substantiating it. Any help glad received.

    Thanks for listening.

  36. At my business we get 90% excellent reviews. On Trip advisor we get less than 50% good and the bad ones are really bad. I would rather not be on Trip Advisor. I agree that a class action is the only thing that will make them take notice. Their policies are arrogant and so are they.

  37. Trip advisor is giving me a hard time to remove the reviews from the previews owner, or to remove my business from their website. They asked for legal documents that i don’t feel comfortable to expose to such a company. They changed the name on the post, posting the name of my company(new company) with the old reviews from the previews owner and previews company. Once everything is different, why they change the name and don’t remove the reviews? How they can change the name and keep the old reviews? I am very determined to hire a lawyer. If anybody is attempting to sue trip advisor, count me in please.

  38. receiving false listings from other competitors in my area , would like those reviews or my business removed , please help !

  39. receiving false listings from other competitors in my area , would like those review or my business removed , please help !

  40. Hi, we are small company in Thailand and would like to remove my Trip Advisor Page.

  41. I want to remove my guest house from trip advisor because i close my business so plz remove my listing

  42. We are no longer a vacation, club hotel-like business, we are owners renting our humble housing and would like to keep our model …… . We sent several emails stating so to TA support with no luck.

    Can you help?

  43. Well apparently I am not the only one who got trapped by TA. I had a false review from a competitor. I wrote a management response which initially was published. Also I reported this false review including proof to Ta and the request to remove the review. Beside this, the whole review was written in a way that it could not be a first hand traveller experience. The proof was (is) that in the Ta profile of the persons who wrote this review, was stated that he works for a competitor in the same town. So how much more proof you need?! After a couple of days T A contacted me ( well at least some sort of a software program did) that the bad review would not be removed because it was confirm their policy. 2 days later T A removed my management response claiming it was fraudulous. How much crazier it can get?? I submit a second ‘Report’ but nobody is answering. I stopped all email alerts from T A and don’t even bother to look at it anymore. I know it’s ostrich politics, but at least it doesn’t keep me awake at night.

  44. My business got added without my approvsl or concent, now i cant remove it and TA wont remove competitors or disgruntled employee bad reviews.

    Trip Adviser sux.
    Trip Adviser sux.
    Trip Adviser sux.
    Trip Adviser sux.
    Trip Adviser sux.
    Trip Adviser sux.

  45. Same thing… I never look at Trip Advisor and then it was made to my attention there was a page for my partner’s store. Because people reviewed it, I guess TA created the page and he wanted to remove it and just found out it is not possible. Most good reviews, but one nasty one that cannot be removed… which is not fair considering my partner can’t defend himself against the bad reviewer, who is in the wrong and can’t even comment because he is not in control of the page… and not going to be forced into joining. How is this legal? My partner does not want to be on this website.

  46. Please help.. I just started a business in panama its been my dream for many years and now out of the blue i come up on trip advisor. there is this guy that lives near by hes old and hates us because we are the first business in this very remote area. he keeps posting fake reviews on fake profiles and its hurting my dreams. our name is trade marked and i feel its a violation of this to be on the site without permission this guy and tripadvisor are causing us financial damages but we have done nothing wrong. what do we do. we are wanting to be a private lodge very exclusive and the tripadvisor thing is not how we want to be portrayed. we dont want to be on hostel world or anything like this i want to take these bastards to court. im young trying to make a new beginning for myself and these assholes do this how can they think that they have a right to do this? i have emailed them multiple times and nothing help please help.

  47. How is it possible that TA can list our property without our consent? I have been phoned on numerous occasions and have always refused and now our business has been listed on this disgusting site. Please contact me as I would like information on how I can remove my business from this site. We want NOTHING to do with this appalling excuse for a travel site.

  48. I AGREE that TripAdvisor sucks for both owners and renters. I am an owner and I contacted a renter right after she made the reservation to let her know there was an error and she would not be able to stay unless her dates were flexible. She was understanding and still had over 6 weeks to find another place to stay.
    TripAdvisor was impossible to work with to give her a full refund. They ended up charging me $150 to give her a full refund. They do not care about renters or owners. They want to make as much money off anyone. USE airbnb or VRBO. much much better customer service.

  49. My business has totally been down after two people who never stayed in my Hotel posted fake comments ! I am totally out of business and I don’t know what to do next ? Please help me remove my Hotel from TripAdvisor ! I don’t want my Hotel to be on Tripadvisor anymore !

  50. I am over self centred people who do not tell you face to face of their criticisms, they remind me of skulkers who talk about you behind your back, maybe I am old fashioned but the vast majority of service providers I have come across in my 70 years do what they can to provide a good experience for their customers, no one in business who is in it for the long term is idiot enough to rip off customers and stay in business
    We are in the service industry and we bend over backwards to make the experience of our customers exceptional but when I get totally incorrect untrue statements made on sites like Tripadviser (thankfully very few) it is not fair and in fact it is slanderous. I know momentum is growing throughout the service industry to challenge these sites- valid criticism is acceptable slander is not.
    Recently I had comments made that were totally untrue I contacted Tripadviser and their answer was that people can write what they like, true or untrue as long as they do not use profanities, Well to me the archilies heel has just been exposed, I am now gearing up with my lawyers to challenge the person making the statement in court -the weakest link and will put a proposal on cloud funding and other web sites to raise monies to take action against individuals who think that they can use social media to unfairly attack reputable businesses by making untrue or exadurated statements that ultimately cause damage to our valuable asset
    Surely this is the issue, forget the bullshitt of people who want to pacify the world with a smiling face with nice responses when criticism is unwarrented, the reality is that far too many of us are getting the short end of the stick

  51. I have never listed my business not given my consent to have my business listed on this poor excuse for a travel site.. I want my business removed ASAP.
    I am currently looking into my rights as the business owner and seeking legal advice as trip advisor has refused to remove my business.

  52. Trip advisor is the biggest rip off piece of blackmailing shit out there. I was sold a business listing that is still in the name of previous owner of my motel. They phoned virtually everyday to sell me the listing then disappeared. They don’t reply to de listing requests. They have automatic rollover of payment on your credit card so you need to cancel the card they are tapped into. They should be wiped off the map.

  53. I have a restaurant & some filthy customers wrote some stupid things about my business witch is nearly rewind my business, then I called tripadvisor to remove my business completely from trip advisor and they said they cant remove but they cant keep it as permanently closed, I told them I just dont want to be in your directory as closed or even open, if I dont want to be in thair website thats why they want to published my website as permanently closed, bloody criminals go down to hell.

  54. Tom Ziebell says:

    They’re (trip advisor) obviously is doing this to help drive business to their other companies expedia, orbitz, trivago, and the other 20+ online companies they own.

  55. Tripadvisor allows negative reviews but God forbid you get a legit good on and the remove it thinking its fake. Mean while the fake ones are getting posted left and right. They suck so hard and hey refuse to answer you back. Do not advertise with them.

  56. Hello
    I read because it is possible for you to delete a company from TripAdvisor
    Can you help my company from TripAdvisor to delete.

  57. I would like to delete my business from tripadviser! It was name Komnob Airboat Tours, Cambodia, Asia.

  58. Ceci in Spain says:

    Ceci in Spain

    I too would like to remove my adverts from TA. They advertise in the wrong category and the only enquiries come from people that want an apartment not bed & breakfast. TA is, in my opinion, inhuman: unapproachable; unhelpful; greedy about their commission to customers; and downright horrible. I have only just found your website and am delighted that it exists and that there are so many others out there that are thoroughly disgusted with them too.

    I’m going to try to delete my pages from TA right now.

  59. We closed our cafes because two customers wrote very hateful, personal attacks and trip advisor refused to post our reply…they refused to remove our site and wanted us to pay them with a credit card to be allowed to write to them…best advise is do as i have done, hire an attorney and sue them for using your name or logo without your permission if they are legally registered as yours.

  60. I have just taken on the job of dealing with trip advisor for a client who has three posts about their company. They are travel agents. Each post starts with the question about a deal “is the a scam”, it is then followed by ‘travel experts’ who pontificate that it is most likely is. Other people have posted misinformation about other companies and associated it with the one I am working for. In between these comments real would-be customers of the agency express relief at being save from using the agency to book one of their holidays, seemingly oblivious to the fact that non of the commentators are actual customers.

    I contacted TripAdvisor about the comments using the word ‘scam’. Scam is a strong statement and very defamatory, but now commonly used by people who can be irresponsible on the internet saying things they wouldn’t dare to your face. A scammer sets out to defraud someone of money with no intention of supplyuing a service. TA have not removed the ‘scam’ comments.

    I further noticed that the experts that are being encouraged by TA with points, awards and badges make extensive negative comments about hundreds of businesses and often place links or references to businesses they are promoting. Some are located offshore, These experts do not answer messages and block contact. TA has not responded to questions about them. It appears then that TA actively encourages people to make prolific negative comments with no actual knowledge of the business they are commenting on. I estimate these so called experts have caused more than 30% drop in business.

    Strangely, you can’t respond to a comment in a logical fashion. If you hit reply, you comment is dislocated from the original comment. Also, the first comments made (oldest) appear by default, which means if you can get positive comments, a new person has to work their way to the end of the thread (or choose sort by newest first) to see those comments.

    And while negative commenters often have only one post and go unmolested, when we have managed to get an actual customer to set up an account to get a real review, they are attacked by the experts and other commenters as a fake.

    After spending a week on their forum I have concluded that the site is intent on creating content at any cost so they rank in google, often above the site or business they are hosting a page on, therefore creating more clicks and value for their own business. They are snaking business away from other companies so they can earn revenue through their hotel search engine where they earn money from referrals. They are more active in banning ‘fake’ comments they identify when they are too positive and do not act at all on negative comments.

    As you have pointed out here, they should have a system of rating the reviewers. A business or a hotel should be able to rate that commentator. No one should be anonymous and should be identified as a real person. A non customer should not be able to comment on a business. Words like scam should be banned and those posts removed by a bot. They should also provide a clear conflict resolution pathway and a contact system and phone numbers.

    It looks to me like TripAdvisor as-is are no more than an unmoderated mess of useless negative comments and that the business is run poorly with no regard for its impact on hundreds of thousands of hotels and businesses around the world. I suspect the losses incurred from TA would be in the hundreds of millions and I cant see how they could possibly police those with resources not using it to disadvantage smaller businesses and competition.

    Right now, I think the world would be a lot better place with TripAdvisor. They’ve become a self appointed arbitrator of business success or failure The video on this site from them showing how to rank demonstrates that point. Much like the rest of the internet, there is no one to watch the watchers. They are writing their own rules and they clearly favour themselves, much like Google, Facebook and others.

  61. Hi,

    I have been fighting with TripAdvisor since 2012. The ranking system sucks and they publish reviews from people who are not reviewing a restaurant or service. Any crap story is placed and there is hardly any chance to react.
    We are operational since January 2011 and have heaps of very positive reviews, but also reviews from weirdos that did not take their medication on time.
    Over 77 reviews and a 4+ star ranking. And still we are ranked 109 out of 118 restaurants in the New Plymouth region (New Zealand).
    I looked over the whole list and noticed that e.g. Cow Ree restaurant is mentioned twice in the list. The Rice Bowl has gone bust and still has a high ranking. The whole system sucks. Must be an American company.

    Would love if someone could 100% remove us from this site

  62. we too are victim of trip advisor. with blatant lies about our restaurant we want to know is there any one out there that will take on a class action law suit against trip advisor and shut them down.

    we don’t want anything to do with this organisation. yet they think they have the right to steel us from society and destroy our lively hood

  63. I tried to log into my account at trip advisor via to cancel my ad, but it says my email address or password is wrong. Which it isn’t. Has anyone else had that problem?

  64. mega iyathooray says:

    hello to the big family of trip advisor
    am the restaurent LE MARLIN BLUE in Rodrigues island
    it my business and one me decide which publicity we wana do so please
    delete my page right now

    le marlin blue

  65. Can you please remove the travelers photo’s on our page. Most are before we bought the business in 2013 and are very unflattering

    Please and thanks

    Doug Birrell

  66. Has anyone managed to remove their rental property listing off TRIPADVISOR because I have been emailing for over 6 months and they will not answer. I have never rented it out through them but can not access the account due to change of mobile phone numbers (New Zealand). Any help please?

  67. Trip advisor you bunch of lying clowns you have the ability to remove anything off your website I suggest you listen to people who own these businesses.. Doesn’t matter who puts it back up you have the power to remove it.. Stop the merry go round of lies and do as people ask

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