1. Hey Thanks, I managed to post 11 reviews without any problems, but the last two were never posted. I upgraded to Hide IP Pro which gives you more options. I cleared my cookies and deleted my history.. Do you have other methods to post ?

  2. Thanks for help I post 2 times with success, now I will wait for next week and try again. This is very eazy

  3. Thank you for sharing this is very useful. can you tell me where someone pays me to post on tripadvisor?

  4. Works a treat, thanks for sharing

  5. Margarita says:
  6. Hi, could you guys please clarify something for me? Do I need to block my IP address when setting up an email address or just when I’m posting a review?? Also, will TripAdvisor allow me to post a review if the IP address is blocked? Thanks

    • TripAdWarning says:

      You shoud not block your IP, you should change it, by using a proxy. Normal surfing and setting up an email account can be done using yourreal IP. However if you do get a lame “Email Confirmation” from TripAdvisor, thenyou should click on the confirmation link while on a proxy.
      One thing you have to be careful with, is that you CLOSE ALL browser windows BEFORE connecting through a proxy. If you leave a window open, chances are your IP will not get cloaked.
      Using a blocked IP is not a good thing, they are usually blocked for a reason.
      Good Luck and happy posting..

  7. After following your instructions for fake posting can one use the same laptop to do it? Is the changing of the ip and browser sufficient to fool TA?

    • TripAdWarning says:

      If you are just posting 1 or 2 fakes, you don’t need to worry about your browser, just change your IP and Email Acc. If however if you want to make some good money ( $15 + a review) then you should seriously consider using a payed service to use “legit” IP’s that are not listed as Proxies. Contact us for more info about what service we suggest. Costs are about $60 a year, but you will earn your money back on the first day.
      Good Luck

      • The reason I asked is that I posted a fake review on my place to counter act 2 bad fake reviews from a competitor I believe which affected the rating. I used Hide My IP 5.3 and did the thing, however I did not change the browser. I thought that a fake email and IP would be sufficient. I got a TA notice that the review will not be posted because it was a fake and with that a warning of course. I was wondering if TA also capture laptop information during posting a review?

        • TripAdWarning says:

          The problem with Hide My IP, is it’s OK for one or Two Fakes, however any IP query will show the IP’s used are Proxy IP’s, e use a paid service that uses “Clean” IP’s
          TripAdvisor approves 9 out of 10 Negative Reviews and 6-10 Positive Reviews.
          Good Luck

      • by the way what services do you offer to totally fool TA?

        • TripAdWarning says:

          Send us a message to get info about a 3rd party paid service that will work.

          • I wanna know about a 3rd party paid service for tripadvisor reviews

          • Hi guys i have question!!:)) can you please help me with decision which 3rd party software should I use for changing ip address for post comments on trip advisor!! I allredy try Hide my ass and Easy hide ip but it doesn’t work for me!! they dont post comments

            Thank you very much!! :))


  8. God I wish I was better on a computer, it sure would resolve my probs with Reviews on TA that only started occurring in droves, when a member of staff left here and went to a competiitor, although I had my suspicions, until finding these sites by accident, I had no idea of what was achievable in the name of TA……its not just coincidence that the competitor in question has received a badge of excellence from TA and are our competitors for the Title Pub/Bar Restaurant of the Year for Northamptonshire, almost forgot they also stole our chef, but we got a better one !!!!!!!!

  9. How i can get paid when i am posting this reviews, and please help me to get the proper program to change my ip.


  10. Does anyone know if T-Advisor is able to see a computers MAC address, or is it wise to use software to hide or change this as well as IP.

  11. I tried to post reviews on TA with hide ip address but it did not work me. i used my real ip when write review, but i change to hide ip address during Verification email. can you please tell me where I went wrong?

  12. Ghostwriter says:

    Easy use a VPN to keep rotating IP Address, Use C Cleaner to clear all history, Different Browsers and Change Screen resoloution for each of your fake reviewers, keep a record and away you go

    250 + Fakes and 1 failed so far

  13. oh this is the great post. thanks for shearing

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