Greedy and Unethical thanks to TripAdvisor

YES I did agree to your Terms and Conditions, and YES I did know there was a non refundable ONE Night fee in your cancelation policy, however I only booked 12 hours ago, I now need to cancel.. If you don’t give me a FULL refund, I will post horrible REVIEWS on TripAdvisor, and will have my friends & family do the same…


TripAdvisor claims, and would like YOU to believe that they offer reviews you can trust. In reality they offer the worlds largest uncontrolled platform where anyone can create as many profiles as they wish, and start posting invalidated reviews that destroy hard earned reputations. TripAdvisor does NOTHING to stop this from happening.

EVERY establishment owner knows that no matter how hard you try to please people, there will always be people that will never be happy with anything. 

But what happens when TripAdvisor allows anyone to post damaging reviews about you personally and your business without ever having set foot on your premises.

Imagine waking up one morning and reading on TripAdvisor that  “You” are “greedy” and “unethical” and their experience was “Awful” and people should avoid doing business with you…. Wow, what did you do, that would justify someone being so bitter that they actually joined TripAdvisor to post such horrible things about you and your business…..

Well, in the case of David, the owner of The Green Parrot in Belize it turned out that he had done NOTHING wrong, and the “Bitter” Reviewer had NEVER stayed at the Green Parrot. The ONLY reason Wendy joined TripAdvisor was because she did not like the “Terms & Conditions” especially the “Cancellation Policy” … [ actually she put in writing that the Terms & Conditions including the Cancellation Policy were “Very Reasonable” ] After trying to scare the owners of the Green Parrot by threatening to post damaging reviews on TripAdvisor if they did not give her a full refund 

2 emails sent by the reviewer where she clearly states the Terms & Conditions are very reasonable :

On Aug 1, 2013, at 10:08 PM, wendy schor-haim <wendy12@*****.com> wrote:
Hi David — I feel really terrible about this, but I just realized that the Green Parrot doesn’t have A/C, and for medical reasons, our family needs an air-conditioned space, especially at night. I don’t know how I missed it earlier, but I’m sorry for having you spend your time on my family’s arrangements when we won’t be able to take the cabana. I see that the charge is pending; can you let me know what the process is now? Thanks for your help over the past couple of days, and sorry again for the inconvenience —


Hi David, thanks for your reply. It’s more the humidity than the heat that’s a problem for us, because our oldest daughter has a joint condition that humidity really aggravates, particularly after a day outside. 
Your cancellation policy is very reasonable in general, but I’m surprised that you would charge us a full night for a reservation of about 12 hours – especially since our group size means that our room price is higher. Would you be willing to give us a break on the full night’s deposit?

As with most establishments that allow guests to book online, it is NOT possible to make a booking without agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. So one would assume that if a guest accepts them and makes the booking, there would be no reason to disagree at a later stage.. Luckily for the very few that first agree to the Terms & Conditions and later regret it, there is always TripAdvisor to attempt to damage the reputation of both the owner and the business.

People need to understand that the business owner doesn’t get everything for free, more than often they themselves pay a 3rd party to take online bookings on their behalf, and the owners themselves have to agree to the Terms & Conditions of the Online Bookings Merchant.

If you buy a non refundable train ticket, and you cancel, would you expect a refund?.. If you buy a non returnable DVD and try and return it after 2 days, would you expect your money back?? – NO, of course not!! 

So WHY would you agree to, and make a reservation KNOWING there is a One Night Non Refundable Deposit, and then expect the owner to fully refund everything?? Who is REALLY the GREEDY one here?.. And, joining TripAdvisor for ONE reason, to destroy someone’s reputation, and YOU Wendy talk about “Unethical” – how pathetic and obnoxious is that!!

TripAdvisor Review

Response from TripAdvisor


Dear TripAdvisor Listing Owner, 

Thank you for expressing your concern about the following review: 

Review Dispute: Green Parrot Beach Houses
Title: Awful experience 
ID#: 193379545 

We do allow reviews of incidents / events that occur during the reservation process, check-in, or upon arrival at an establishment, even if the guest does not remain there. While this traveler did not stay at your establishment, he or she did have a customer service experience with someone representing your property. We do allow travelers to review their customer service experience as it is helpful information to future guests.

Though we are leaving the review in question on the site, you may respond to it using our management response feature. This feature lets you respond to the review and tell your side of the story. Your management response will appear alongside the review it refers to, so that travelers can read both perspectives.

For your convenience, I have provided you with a link to our management response instructions:

You’ll find more helpful tips and information about our service in the dedicated Owners Support section of our Help Desk:


TripAdvisor Support Team

 What!? no mention about threatening to post this review UNLESS ??… This review was posted because the owners did not give in to the threat.

So why does TripAdvisor allow these damaging reviews, when it is clear that this person has never stayed at this establishment. It is clear that this damaging review is a completely unjustified “Personal” attack on both the owner and the business. Furthermore TripAdvisor claims that this person Stayed at the Green Parrot in December 2013 –  This is NOT true, this person NEVER stayed at the Green Parrot.

WHY TripAdvisor, are you allowing your website to be used by people like this, that have just ONE Goal – Destroy someone’s reputation… with YOUR help!


What’s next TripAdvisor? destroy a restaurant’s reputation ‘cos you don’t like the name?.. Is that acceptable as well??




TripAdvisor Warning

TripAdvisor Warning

We are a small group of 9 people that are tired of the way TripAdvisor chooses to conduct their business, mainly because of the total lack of consideration towards “owners” in the hospitality world. We are based in the USA, Europe and New Zealand.
TripAdvisor Warning
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  1. christopher says:


    We are experiencing a similar but different experience from TA. TA I blocking positive customer reviews from our site and sending us e-mails saying we are posting fake reviews and have downgraded us from #1 to #2 in the area. We have responded endlessly to the e-mails stating, are a small family business without any employees and we hav not posted anything ourselves. We have even e-mailed our guests and asked if they had posted a review that was blocked an so far 10 positive reviews have been blocked. W have e-mail evidence to prove this. I don’t know what else can you done except hire a high priced lawyer to resolve this.

  2. Justin Bieber says:

    This person has every right to write a review even if they never stayed at the business. You did you read the reply from Tripadvisor.
    It says”
    We do allow reviews of incidents / events that occur during the reservation process, check-in, or upon arrival at an establishment, ”

    Since this person paid a deposit for one night. They have every right to write a review. They paid for one night.

    If this business wants them to delete the review then they should refund the deposit.

    Now that iwebsites like that allow anyone to cancel a reservation with no penalty. advertises free cancellation.

    It is good customer service to refund a customer if they are not happy. A happy customer brings repeat business.

    This person made the review 6 months in advance. That should be enough time to look for another customer.

    It is stupid to claim that the time need to respond to a customer costs the business. The business is paying their employees regardless if they have to respond to customers or not. It is part of their job to communicate with customers.

    This person that asked for a refund has every right to ask for refund.

    The travel industry is so corrupt with their no refund policies.

    It is slowly changing with websites like that allow you to make a booking with a 100% refund guarantee.

    This Green Parrot beach house need to change their attitude.

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