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TripAdvisor Tell the TRUTHTripAdvisor has been posting lies and libelous damaging reviews for years. They also don’t have any issues at all approving and posting personal and sexual comments about innocent people just trying to run a business.
A good example of the damaging filth TripAdvisor approves and posts on their so called family friendly website is the Review that TripAdvisor posted about a mother of 3 who was accused of sitting on a boat in her bikini with her legs spread for the whole world to see. First let us make it clear that the lady in question offers fantastic sailing and snorkeling trips, so it’s not as if she was visiting the White House in her bikini.. It’s like complaining that a coastguard sits around in his swimming shorts..

So ask yourself, WHAT gives TripAdvisor the right to post such disgusting comments on their website for the world to see? Could they not have just removed that sentence and posted the rest? The woman that wrote the mean and spiteful review joined TripAdvisor for just one reason, to get personal and submit a libelous review, she went way too far, she should not have written this personal attack. However she only wrote the review, TripAdvisor approved and posted it… Now that is even worse.

Does TripAdvisor not understand how much damage the combination of lies and Internet can do?. Obviously not, or maybe they do but they just don’t care, they are so arrogant thinking no one can touch them. Well TripAdvisor we might just have an unpleasant suprise coming your way.

We are asking anyone who knows anything about the following people to send us their story, we will use the exact same form of validation, and post it to a handful of sites and feeds. Don’t worry, we are not a family friendly site, so don’t hold back.

We will start posting your true stories about the following people:

  • Stephen Kaufer
  • Harry
  • Isaac
  • Celia
  • Aaron
  • Christine Petersen
  • Barbara Messing

[ these to start with, more to follow ]

Remember, we will not hold back, and once it’s on the internet, it’s out of our control, we cannot undo the damage these true and demeaning stories will cause.
We will do our best to post and spread your “reviews” about any of the above to the far corners of the web. Hopefully this way TripAdvisor will learn just how damaging these unvalidated personal, sexual and disgusting posts can cause.

You know where to send them, and don’t forget to add images as well if you can. And please make sure they are true, ‘cos don’t forget we use the same useless verification process as TripAdvisor.



.:: this article was sent to us by email, and has been verified original article can be seen here ::.

TripAdvisor Warning

TripAdvisor Warning

We are a small group of 9 people that are tired of the way TripAdvisor chooses to conduct their business, mainly because of the total lack of consideration towards “owners” in the hospitality world. We are based in the USA, Europe and New Zealand.
TripAdvisor Warning
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  1. We have manged to get our hands on some juicy stories about Stephen Kaufer and Barbara Messing incl. some very clear x rated photo’s. As soon as we have verified them, we will post them

  2. Yes, let them feel what it is like to have their dignity dragged through the mud.

  3. TripAdvisor Legal Dept.
    141 Needham St.
    Newton, Ma 02464
    May 5, 2014
    To Whom it may Concern
    I am the only legal owner of Casa Mariposa Boutique Hotel, in Santa Fe Veraguas. As you will see the attached copy of a document my husband signed in court, he would receive ownership if he completed the agreement. Subsequently he has NOT.
    Because he broke the contract I have begun legal proceedings to have him removed from my property and business. I have closed my Trip Advisor account because of this until my return. I have also published the information on my web page
    Kevin subsequently made up a factious business name and web page and opened a Trip Advisor account for MY HOTEL, using the name Mariposa Suites. He does not have a business licence or my permission.
    If you will investigate my account you will see that Kevin Burns was taken off Casa Mariposa Boutique Hotel, and see that he is using the same name and credit card number to now promote his illegal activities on my land. You can also reference the pictures of the property showing the same buildings common areas etc that are of my hotel but also posted on his reviews.
    The Governor of Veraguas is to move to have him removed. The Mayor of Santa Fe has evicted him, but he will not leave.
    The laws here are slow. But as you will see by all the enclosed documents, the property is MINE.
    I hope you will resolve this problem quickly, since I will be reopening soon, and do not wish to deal with the confusion and anger of travelers that have booked at my hotel thro his illegal site and I will have to turn them away.
    I will of course show them the documentation I have sent you and explain that what Kevin Burns is doing is illegal.
    Please help me. I wish to be a good business partner with you. I have faxed all my legal papers to the legal department and no one responds????

    Erica Northwood, Owner,

  4. I’ve read some on about a guy kicked off TA by mean forum people. I think there are tons of these stories out there.
    He names Sheag and others as culprits. Worth a fast read.

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