Your business and reputation destroyed by positive reviews on TripAdvisor

destroy competition using TripAdvisorImagine looking for a hotel, B&B or restaurant and landing on a page on TripAdvisor that has been flagged and now has a large red “Warning” notice stuck to it’s listing.. The damage is done, and the establishment owner is fucked, and business is gone!

This is a yet another VERY serious flaw on TripAdvisor, and we wanted to see just how easy it would be to get a property “Flagged” by posting Fake Reviews.

To be honest, as much as we hate the arrogant TripAdvisor, we hoped that this would not be an easy task.. Boy, were we wrong there!!

This was so easy, even we were amazed and shocked. This really goes to show the ignorance TripAdvisor has towards anyone listed on their site.

Before we continue, I would like to say without going to much into details that we had very good reason why we chose the 4 properties we used for this experiment.. and we have since been, and still are in touch with the owners. We are still working on one more hotel and 2 restaurants. These results will be posted in the coming week(s) depending on the results.


How to easily get your competition “Flagged” on TripAdvisor

Destroying your competition by getting them flagged is a lot easier than posting fake reviews, even though that’s exactly what you will be doing.

Now we are going to assume that your competition is at least in the same country as you, so there is absolutely no need to cloak your IP, actually it’s better if you don’t.

Here is what we did.

Once we had decided which establishment to use, ( in your case it will be your competition ) We composed 6 positive reviews, we used between 500 – 800 characters as to not make them too long. We focused mainly on the owners and establishment on a whole, and not so much the rooms or area. We know that TripAdvisor are very far from being the smartest, and although we did not over praise anything, there was a hint of too much praise towards the owners and establishment and not enough info about other things.

So Far so easy, we just put together 6 Fake Positive Reviews.. Now comes what we believe gets the establishment flagged.

The first day we submitted 3 Reviews.. the first 2 reviews were submitted within an our of each other, the 3rd review was submitted about 10 hours later ( ALL from the same laptop )
2 days later we submitted 1 more review..
Then we waited 5 days before submitting the 2 remaining reviews again about 10 hours between reviews.

Six days later the Property got flagged.

destroy competition on tripadvisor

Easily get your competion flagged on TripAdvisor and destroy their reputation - TripAdvisor allows this to happen


Yet again TripAdvisor shows it has ZERO ways to safeguard the listings that are “Forced” onto their site, but is completely open to devastating abuse against establishment owners.




The content of this article was provided by various sources (emails, messages, etc..) and is for educational purpose & security awareness only. If any law enforcement agency or press related agencies need more Information, please feel free to Contact us.


TripAdvisor Warning

TripAdvisor Warning

We are a small group of 9 people that are tired of the way TripAdvisor chooses to conduct their business, mainly because of the total lack of consideration towards “owners” in the hospitality world. We are based in the USA, Europe and New Zealand.
TripAdvisor Warning
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  1. Trip advisor is a slandering website for those that like to ruin it for everyone else especially restaurants that want to make there business work and also you cannot contact any one from there dreadful site . close the bloody trip advisor down its is full of nasty people that haven not got the nerve to tell you to your face. we are already in hard times do we need self opinionated people that haven’t got a care in the world , Trip Advisor must be shut down. its bad enough with face book!!

  2. In the last month, in a topic in its air travel forum, TA has been proved to be completely favourable to, and on the side of, having that section dominated by members who are planted agents of the less passenger friendly airlines: who will give aggression mockery and no sympathy to anyone who posts there about airport process traumas and unjustly missed flights.
    They even did this to a family with kids, who had been unfairly delayed in a family security queue and caused by it to miss a gate closure by 5 minutes. Topic “missed flights – Gatwick family security lane chaos.” They routinely report to TA and get removed any posts that disagree with them , while their own posts don’t get into trouble even for being personally derisive or for directly statng that they won’t care if you miss a flight. They ignore every time you mention it, that anyone can suffer travel delays that are not their fault, and in the face of that fact they keep repeating an utterly unreasonable line that it is still “personal responsibility” for the passenger to get there in time. For airport processes of variable duration so that only rich frequent fliers, and no first time fliers, can be sure what “in time” is.
    It was another forum member who alerted me that they are agents of airlines, intentionally wanting boarding processes not to be made more reasonable and generous to passengers.
    Today, according to “Jane” of TripAdvisor Support, “allegations that some of our members are representatives of the airlines, and fail to admit their affiliation while participating in the discussions” are themselves to be conveniently defined as out of order, while not answering in any way their merits. I will send you the email. It is TA explicitly approving and allowing and welcoming this domination by airline agents and this dangerously bad consumer attitude to passengers, happy for it to happen. Not on ordinary travellers’ side at all.

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