Absolutely Disgusting

TripAdvisor has really sunk to the lowest point, with an act that is absolutely DISGUSTING!! Can you imagine the horror, and anger a middle aged Mother of three felt when she read the shocking and sexual degrading review that TripAdvisor approved and posted on their website for millions to see?

Kim, a daughter, a mother, a wife and a very much loved and respected business owner is now going through hell because of the complete and utter lack of moral and common sense from TripAdvisor.
Cozumel Boat Trips have been going for years, and have taken thousands of people on a trip of a lifetime.  Just look at their excellent track record and fantastic reviews. 100% of the reviews gave them the maximum 5 stars, that was until this last disgraceful review. We all know that you can’t please everyone, and no matter how hard you try, there will always be someone who can not be pleased.
But this FIRST TIME poster went way too far and and clearly against TripAdvisor’s Review Guidelines when the reviewer wrote :

She stripping down to her bikini instead of staying in uniform until time to dive, sitting with her legs wide open for all to see.

How can TripAdvisor approve and post such a harmful, personally degrading review with absolutely no endeavor to ascertain if the outrageous allegation is even true, or more importantly, appropriate to print? In fact, they do not wear “uniforms” on the boat trips,  just check the photo’s that other reviewers have posted on TripAdvisor.. half the people are in bikini’s and bathing suits.  It is a tropical resort island, after all.

Kim has tried numerous times to contact TripAdvisor to have the personally invasive and sexually degrading sentence removed from the review, but TripAdvisor just ignores her. It doesn’t end there. She has posted her concerns on TripAdvisor’s “Managers Forum” to get some help and advice from other managers as recommended by TripAdvisor.
ALL her threads have been deleted by TripAdvisor, with no explanation as to why.  YET, they have not deleted the libelous comments about HER.   This is WRONG; personal and degrading comments like this should NOT be approved and posted on their website for the world to see.

Today it’s Kim that is going through hell because of TripAdvisor, tomorrow it could be you…

Please show your support, and voice your anger at TripAdvisor let them know this is not acceptable.

Please re-post this on all the social media sites, and blogs. Please Re-Tweet this article.


TripAdvisor Warning

TripAdvisor Warning

We are a small group of 9 people that are tired of the way TripAdvisor chooses to conduct their business, mainly because of the total lack of consideration towards “owners” in the hospitality world. We are based in the USA, Europe and New Zealand.
TripAdvisor Warning
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  1. Disgusting, Disgusting, Disgusting!
    The woman who wrote this terrible review obviously has some serious issues, but Tripadvisor posting this on their site is a DISGRACE!
    I come from Florida and we go boating whenever we can, I ALWAYS wear my bikini on the boat, you would be mad not to. Like I said, the reviewer has serious issues.
    Good Luck to Kim if she reads this. No one deserves this.

  2. Oh my lord, this is an extremely offensive review, and I am shocked tripadvisor posted this. If tripadvisor posted something like this about my wife, daughter or mother all hell would break lose.
    I hope justice is done, and tripadvisor removes this FILTH.

  3. SHAME ON YOU TRIPADVISOR. is this the kind of site you are becoming? no wonder sites such as this one are appearing everywhere

  4. Unbelievable I feel sorry for the lady in question. It’s pretty obvious after reading all the excellent reviews that they offer a very good service enjoyed by lots of people. The sexual comment should never have been posted, and it is definitely against Tripadvisors posting guidelines. Not sure how that one got approved.
    Also, going by the photo’s on the review page, that is definitely not an old raggedy boat. Maybe she thought she was going on a cruise? what with the uniform and that. Maybe that’s why she was disappointed.

  5. Tripadvisor is definitely losing the plot, and more and more you are seeing personal attacks posted on TripAdvisor. Just recently a review was removed after 5 weeks that was posted about a B&B in Montreal Canada, the reviewer commented heavily on the sexual preferences of the owners ( they were gay) another post that was also removed after about 7 weeks was posted about a Hotel, here the reviewer complained about a 15 year old boy that helped clearing tables in the restaurant, calling him ugly with an acne problem..
    And now this one. Surely Tripavisor must have some morals? How long do they think they will last if they post harmful reviews of this nature?
    One thing is certain, I will not be using them again.

  6. Hi everyone and thank you for the support. The thread to my post is going nowhere. What a joke. Just a few different posters who never once addressed the actual issue. The review violates guidelines. Period. Trip Advisor is a total disgrace and soooo very frustrating to deal with. Absolutely ridiculous. For a peek at the run around, this is the link. Looking forward to helping other frustrated people on Trip Advisor when they need it!!



  7. Kim, don’t give up on this, tripadvisor should be ashamed of themselves for allowing such filth to be posted on their site, it really is shocking. Also, you must realize that 99% of the 5 people that still post on the tripadvisor’s owners forum are the few that kiss ass, what we call Tripadvisor puppets, all they will advise is what tripadvisor wants to hear. I myself was banned from the owners forum for telling the truth, so I can’t follow your thread but I would put all my money on that you have been told to : Post a short kiss ass management response, saying YOU are sorry. And just forget about it, people will see the good reviews and judge for themselves. Am I right?
    Good Luck

  8. Congratulations Kim! Have the strength. Yes I was one of the posters who have contributed to the threads that were taken down. We are now behaving very tamely on the thread, to keep it going, until it is removed.
    I thought I may have been going a little mad at how I reacted to this review been posted, but it seems after looking this Article, there is a belief that this is definitely inappropriate. Thats the thing, you almost get conditioned to accepting the unacceptable because on there, no one really gets heard when things heat up. You can almost feel everyone turning a blind eye – oh don’t get involved in this one – its going to bring trouble.
    Time to stand up, some ones got to.
    Owners and managers

  9. I wonder if the thread would go down if I posted a link to this article? ……… so Tempting…….

  10. Exactly and Absoulutley! I am just getting told to relax, suck it up, kiss up to the reviewer and not one single mention from the trolls, that TA has not complied to guidelines! They even stated they agreed with me and that they too found it disgusting and shocking!!!

    It is also very ironic how few people post on the ‘support’ forum (which should be called the ‘subdue’ forum). Clearly they are just banning the post with the ‘link to their guidelins!!!’ (Yes they adhere to them here!!!) or deleting the thread. How easily and quickly they make things go away when it insults them!!!! WHAT ABOUT ALL US OWNERS WHO THEY ARE GETTING RICH OFF! WHERE ARE OUR RIGHTS!!!!!
    Thank you TAwarnings for a place to vent. Certainly couldn’t post this on TA.

  11. Just some food for thought……
    It is almost impossible to contact TA.
    You can never be removed from their site and you can be added without your consent.
    Then…..If you have a problem with them and would like to post on their support forum they will REMOVE OR CLOSE ALL COMPLAINTS ABOUT DECISIONS MADE BY TRIPADVISOR’S EDITORS AND MODERATORS.

    BE CAREFUL! They in fact are using people’s identities without their consent.

    The more I learn about them, I can not believe they have’nt been sued or stopped!

  12. This site is great, finally someone that actually walks the walk, and just talk the talk like all the other anti trip advisor sites.
    Could you not create a real forum for owners? and people that have had their reputation damaged by trip advisor like the lady in question. As it is now, we don’t have anywhere to go. A forum would be great..

    • TripAdWarning says:

      We are seriously considering starting a forum for owners. But seeing as this site is hosted on 4 different servers, and we move the site on a regular basis, it would be too much work to run a forum off this site. We do however have numerous domains that we could use. Something to think about…

  13. Don’t ever give up on this injustice Kim, this is wrong, it’s mean and should be against the law. Tripadvisor are just a bunch of arrogant twats!!. that think they are untouchable, but if you ask me and many others within 5 years they will be a site of the past. My advice to you is to use every online option possible to post your story. sites as this one, blogs, twitter, facebook and all other social networking site.
    Good Luck.

  14. When I read the review in question, I was furious! I can only imagine what you must be going through. I have been using trip advisor for about 5 years. I was recently threatened by a person who booked a week but on the 4 night my husband caught him red handed stealing a bottle of whiskey from our bar . We called the police and he was removed from the property. When he left he threatened us with trip advisor and other review sites. 2 weeks later and within 3 weeks we received 4 very bad reviews ( in 4 years we had only received 9 excellent reviews in total)
    In one of the reviews he called my husband an alcoholic and that he mistreated me. Trip advisor approved and posted this, it was online for about 10 weeks before they finally removed it. The other 3 lies are still there. I refuse to use trip advisor any longer, they are evil.
    Yes I am just one drop in the bucket, but eventually the bucket will be full. I would like to spend more time warning people against trip advisor, but at my age and limited PC skills I’m afraid I would not get far. Luckily for us there are people like the owners of this site that are dedicated in spending time and hard work helping people like you and myself. Good Luck with your injustice, it’s just not fair.



  15. well last night, another thread in the owners section was labelled “closed topic”. The thread did not completely disappear like the last 5, but the original question was marked inappropriate by the trip advisor community.
    Any feedback on what to do next? Surely someone from TA would read this site as well and find out whats going on about them?
    Maybe a letter to them with this article inside from Kim?

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