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 TripAdvisor fraud

As the saying goes :

When Life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

The way TripAdvisor conducts their business, and extreme lack of consideration towards establishment owners makes it an excellent way of making some good money.

Anyone can earn money using TripAdvisor, and there are numerous easy ways to do this.

:: Post Fake Reviews

:: Blackmail establishment owners



TripAdvisor makes it extremely easy to post fake reviews, and there are PLENTY of Hotel / B&B / Restaurant owners that are willing to pay to have their ratings boosted, and are even willing to pay more to have a negative review posted about their competition.

We charge $15 – €10 – £10 for a positive review, and up to $30 for a negative review, and there is definitely no shortage. 90% of all FAKE reviews we post get approved, and months of earning $400 – $500 are very common.


Blackmail establishment owners

This is becoming VERY popular, and there is a very good reason why.

The money that can be made by blackmailing establishment owners is crazy, However, anyone that gets greedy will not get anywhere.
There are THREE methods that can be used to blackmail establishment owners :

  • Contact an owner upfront and explain the situation you are in.. just make up a bullshit lie that you stayed / eat at their establishment and the experience was terrible and you would like a refund of .. ( we suggest €£$50 – €£$100 ) otherwise you will start a posting campaign on TripAdvisor.


  • Post a Fake Review about an establishment, this is VERY easy, just make sure you don’t mention names or get to personal… TripAdvisor doesn’t care if it’s the truth or Fake, they just care it’s within their very Fake Friendly Guidelines. Once it has been approved and posted, contact the owner and offer to have it removed for €£$50. Make sure you make it clear that you will start a posting campaign against them if they contact TripAdvisor.


  • Contact an owner and tell them if they don’t “Refund” you €£$100 – €£$200, you will go on a bad review campaign against them, AND you will get their property flagged. Destroying their reputation and seriously damage future bookings.


TripAdvisor is always VERY quick to say they take fraud very serious.. and it’s true they do.. however not this kind of fraud. All TripAdvisor is worried about is that an establishment owner is gonna post a fake review about their establishment to try and boost their ratings.. That’s it, that is all they are worried about.

Here is what TripAdvisor considers Fraud.. as stated HERE on their website


What is considered fraud?

Reviews of accommodations, attractions and restaurants should only be written by TripAdvisor members that have had a customer service experience that they want to share with the community.

The following actions may be considered fraudulent:

– Attempts by an owner (or agents working on behalf of the ownership of a property) to boost the reputation of a property by:

  • Writing a review for their own property
  • Asking friends or relatives to write positive reviews
  • Submitting a review on behalf of a guest
  • Copying comment cards and submitting them as reviews
  • Pressuring a TripAdvisor member to remove a negative review
  • Offering incentives such as discounts, upgrades, or any special treatment in exchange for reviews
  • Hiring an optimization company, third party marketing organization, or anyone to submit false reviews
  • Impersonating a competitor or a guest in any way

– Attempting to damage his/her competitors by submitting a negative review.

Bottom line: Any attempt to mislead, influence or impersonate a traveler is considered fraudulent and will be subject to penalty.


So, there you have it from the horse’s mouth.. it seems that only establishment owners can commit fraud on TripAdvisor!!.. NOTHING is mentioned about a guest posting fakes and lies!!


Our bottom line is, TripAdvisor makes it extremely easy to use their site as a blackmailing platform, establishment owners get ZERO support from TripAdvisor, owners are bullied and ignored by TripAdvisor. Thanks to TripAdvisor owners are getting blackmailed, and as the saying goes..

If you can’t beat ’em.. Join ’em



Use TripAdvisor for the one thing they are VERY good for… Making Money!!



TripAdvisor Warning

TripAdvisor Warning

We are a small group of 9 people that are tired of the way TripAdvisor chooses to conduct their business, mainly because of the total lack of consideration towards “owners” in the hospitality world. We are based in the USA, Europe and New Zealand.
TripAdvisor Warning
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  1. I HATE TRIPADIISOR !! I had a Beautiful BRAND NEW ! 3000 SQ FT 5 br. 3bath Top Of A Mountain Cabin with 1200 sq ft of decks ., but because someone ran out of toilet paper , wrote a picky review and blasted us and the management company ! and our hands were tied nothing we could do to explain it would help !!!!!

  2. There so full of bs i tryed leaving a review an the denied it cause it didn’t suit them

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