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Blackmail Tripadvisoe

“ Customer Blackmail – A member of law enforcement! ”
Mar 08, 2011, 7:08 AM

The Background –

After accomodating a police conference recently, a customer left his quite expensive phone charger behind.
He rang up after departure and ask if we had it in lost property and thanks to a very honest front of house team we did. We offer to post it to him for the cost of postage, £1.49.
We implement a charging policy as “freepost” was costing in excess of £6000 a year in lost property alone. This had been communicated to thim by reception via email. His response was simple, “send it to me free or i will make my feelings known on Tripadvisor!”.
Whilst it is well within my scope to return it FOC (something i probably would have done anyway given his recent conference had i been their at the time) reception have acted correctly according to established policy . Now, in esscence we are being blackmailed by a member of the police over £1.49 worth of charges. I am well aware that the financial implications of negetive reveiws on Tripadviosor far outweigh the cost of postage however i feel this injustice should not be allowed to stand. Tripadvisor is being wielded as a weapon of blackmail by the very people employed to stop this kind of behaviour! Naturally i have an email log to substantiate all of this.

The Dilemma:

1) Cave in to blackmail, return the charger FOC.

2) Insist on a postage charge, that whilst in line with policy i probably would not have instigated, on principle.

I would appreicate people thoughts and advice on this. At my angriest moments I feel like sending this to the Caterer/Chief Constable of the police force concerned.

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