Bad is much better for TripAdvisor

We decided it was time to test just how easy it is to post completely made up reviews on “The Site you can Trust” and you will not believe what we found.

9 people each posted 2 Positive and 2 Negative random and completely made up reviews, giving us a total of 18 Positive Reviews and 18 Negative Reviews.
All the reviews were posted between March 10th and May 10th. All 9 posters had a minimum of 12 posts ( the majority fake ), and the reviews were posted from around the world in English, Spanish, French and Italian.

We were not at surprised at how easy it is to post lies on TripAdvisor, we have been doing it for years, however what did surprise us is that TA has absolutely no problem posting negative reviews, but seems to be very selective when it comes to posting positive reviews.

Here is the score..

From the total 18 Negative posts ALL 18 were posted, and we only had 4 “Confirmation” emails sent to us ( these are just lame emails TA sends the reviewer, that registers the basic users details when the link is clicked, such as IP and location )

So, 100% of negative reviews were posted.

However, positive reviews are not so interesting for Tripadvisor it seems…

From the 18 positive Reviews posted, only 11 made it through, and we received 15 “Confirmation” emails…

The Final Score is : Negative Reviews 100% : Positive Reviews 61.5%

So, why is it, that TripAdvisor makes it so easy to post negative reviews, and is so adamant on checking the good reviews?

On Friday May 13th, we sent TripAdvisor an email together with the list of all the fake reviews, asking them to comment on this matter… We still have not heard back from them… We know they received our Email, ‘cos they followed our “Honey Pot”( trap) back to a bogus page, the fact they landed on this page meant they had clicked on the Email link ( which may I say is very stupid!!)

The strange thing is, up until now they still have not deleted any of the negative reviews. They did however delete 4 of our accounts, but 5 are still up and running.. not that we will be needing them, we already have new ones, and we have already started on part 2 of this “experiment”

To be continued…


.:: this article was sent to us by email, and just like TripAdvisor’s  20 million registered users  has not been validated ::.

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TripAdvisor Warning

We are a small group of 9 people that are tired of the way TripAdvisor chooses to conduct their business, mainly because of the total lack of consideration towards “owners” in the hospitality world. We are based in the USA, Europe and New Zealand.
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  1. Potentilla says:

    I have often wondered why TA gives far more credence to bad reviews than to the good ones. One bad review can totally destroy a google ranking, and the effect is long -lasting, as I know from experience. This is a very interesting blog, keep up the great work in exposing the underside of TA.

    • Potentilla says:

      I meant to say ‘One bad review can totally destroy a TA ranking’ in my last post. I thought I had better post a correction as it made no sense.

  2. I agree 100% , I had someone post 4 negative reviews over a short period, I did write in to TA and gave them clear facts this person is all of the same and the information they posted was quite clear posted to damage our property, even the use of fake photos, ta did nothing , after endless pressure I did get two taken off but two are still left on.
    how can a company like TA allow fake malicious accusations to be posted when it is so obvious they are fake knowing the history of the hotel one can soon pick out what is true and yet TA does not takes this into account.
    TA should have better guidelines and should have some sort of protection in place so that not anyone can just post defamatory remarks and lies and get away with it.
    I just do not understand with all the hotesl in the world why everyone does not get together and demand a change?

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