10 fake Reviews on TripAdvisor

Q: What do these 10 hotels have in common?

A: They all have a fake review posted on TripAdvisor. [ good reviews and bad reviews ]

So far since March we have posted almost 180 fake reviews on TripAdvisor. We are doing this to show how easy it is to post lies and libel reviews on the site that claims to be the “most trusted travel advice”.. The truth is, it is built on lies and is being used as a blackmail platform to blackmail property owners, and a slander platform to post lies and damage the reputation of the competition.

TripAdvisor allows anyone to register with unlimited accounts and to post unverified and damaging reviews that are seen by millions.

We are NOT against TripAdvisor, we are just against them posting unvalidated and damaging reviews.

Only TripAdvisor themselves can easily put an end to this, yet they choose not to… Ask yourself WHY?

TA Warning


Can you spot the fakes?













.:: this article was sent to us by email, and just like TripAdvisors millions of fake Reviews, has not been validated ::.


TripAdvisor Warning

TripAdvisor Warning

We are a small group of 9 people that are tired of the way TripAdvisor chooses to conduct their business, mainly because of the total lack of consideration towards “owners” in the hospitality world. We are based in the USA, Europe and New Zealand.
TripAdvisor Warning
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  1. EXCELLENT. love what you are doing, It’s just a matter of time and tripadvisor will have to come up with some method to clean their site, as it is now they are becoming a laughing stock. Everyone knows the majority of reviews are fake.
    Keep up the good work, you are getting a lot of support.

  2. I have a B&B, and luckily for us we have only good reviews on Tripadvisor. However I do agree that TA is a thorn in my side. People really do use it as a stick to wave at us. Even when people phone to make a booking, or to ask questions they somehow manage to slip it into the conversation that they read about us on Tripadvisor. I can see that is going the wrong way. On the other hand, we are also noticing the complete opposite, lots of people are saying they stopped using Tripadvisor because the reviews cannot be trusted anymore.
    I think that if Tripadvisor does not clean up it’s act, they will quickly lose all creditability, and will become just another site from the past.
    Good luck with your battle, and if Tripadvisor reads this …. Listen to these people, what they are asking makes sense, surely it is not that difficult to validate users, and stop people from creating multiple accounts to post bogus reviews ( good or bad )

  3. I agree with Henry, more and more people are turning away from tripadvisor because it has become an untrustworthy site. It surprises me that a site such as tripadvisor just sits back and (seems to) just ignore(s) the problem. In most cases like this, by the time they try and fix things, it’s too late, a good example is “MySpace” and “Friendster” they refused to listen to the “users” needs, and the rest is history.
    But to honest, since tripadvisor now belongs to Expedia, they are on a one way track heading the wrong direction.

  4. Can you also add Coral Rock Hotel in Zanzibar to this list. Anyone with a bit of sense can see that as soon as a negative review is posted, conveniently a positive review with an excellent rating will follow it pointing out all the things that were mentioned in the previous review.

  5. Hello TA, as a hotel owner I have been approached again for the 7th time by this company to post (fake) reviews on TA and other review sites. I have earlier emailed you this, but seems like my competitors who paid this company has gone up the rankings with fake reviews while good hotels suffer for no reason. Just visit this site to see how boldly they post about “posting reviews” as a package rate.
    Shame on TA, if you can’t stop their clients and importantly the customers from this fraud…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hotels.com, Expedia, Tripadvisor = one company. That being said, I believe they try their hardest to balance reviews and opinions in light of the information they receive. You have to give them props for creating /growing into the number 1 travel opinion site in the world. Despite the formulas that may govern them, they still consist of a multitude of individuals that make decisions under the name of TripAdvisor. I submit that their only mistake is spending unneccessary time and energy trying to decide between what to publish, how to penalise, and how to govern the whole review opinion process. They should just let everyone have their say and recuse themselves from any further action. .By choosing to make judgements and interfere they lost credibility. But then again they are faced with mass mailing bots (one posted over 34 thousand reviews in one day) as well as circumstances that can never be predicted or predicated. It’s a victim of it’s own success – give it some slack, their intentions are sound.

  7. I just returned from a vacation to Playa del Carmen. My friends and I stayed at a hotel called Acanto Boutique Hotel. Our experience was terrible at this hotel. The hotel was nothing like what it was advertised for. The rooms were dirty, noisy, and the staff were the laziest ever. I tried writing a review on Trip Advisor describing my experience, but the review was never posted. Apparently, Trip Advisor only allows FAKE positive reviews for this property. All my other reviews on Trip Advisor were posted, except this one. Something is fishy about this hotel and Trip Advisor.

  8. Mark C. Staben says:

    Add this place to your list, the owner is a dangerous, abusive drunk who assaulted my daughter.
    Some of his regular clientele are even worse. Please be warned: Vietnamese should avoid his “family”.


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